It was Mom’s Night Out and my friend told us we just had to check out Lucho Loco in Duxton Hill (Singapore). Thus after putting the kids to bed, four of us moms decided to meet there at 7:45 on a random Tuesday night.

Type of Cusine: Mexican Style Taqueria

Atmosphere: As soon as my taxi pulled up I knew I would like the place. It was full and lively with people on a Tuesday night – I was impressed. It has a laid back atmosphere with a hip crowd. We had a simple table outside on the patio with some paper placemats and one small candle. (Note: A lot of my pictures were taken at the end of dinner right before we left at 11pm – so the place looks empty, but just imagine it packed with people).

Food:  Since I am from California, I have had my fair share of Mexican food. I must say I was quite impressed with the quality and authenticity of the food at Lucha Loco. The food was served  in small individual sized portions, so we ordered a lot of different things to try and share. All the food was really good and flavorful. We started off with the Elotes – Mexican street style grilled corn.  My friend in true mommy style, cut the corn off the cob and gave me some to try. It was well seasoned and didn’t just taste like your normal corn on the cob. 

We ordered both the Tostaditas de Cangrejo (Crab) and the Tostaditos de Res (New Zealand rib eye). 

All of us agreed that our favorite dish from everything we ordered was the Tostaditos de Res. We actually ordered a second one because we all liked it so much.

We ordered two types of tacos, the Taco de Carnitas (pork belly) and the Taco de Chorizo Con Res (chorizo and braised beef brisket). Both were good, they tasted authentic, but nothing too extraordinary about them. 

We thought we should include some vegetables in our meal, so we ordered the Chili Rellanos because it sounded “interesting”. This was actually a mushroom stuffed poblano chili with a pumpkin sauce. It appeared to be slow cooked, hence it was very moist and tender. Nothing like we expected – it was very good and I would order it again!

Another favorite was the Costillas de Cerdo (chipotle and honey glazed pork ribs). They were really soft and melted in your mouth. The only problem was that this was the last dish to be served, so we were too full to completely enjoy it, but if you like ribs then you should definitely try these.

Lucha Loco only has two dessert options on the menu, so we decided to go with Blue Corn Cake with agave nectar and mescal cream. As weird as that dessert sounds, it was actually really good.

Cost: We each spent $72. We had two jugs of Margaritas to share between 4 of us and our fair share of tapas. We were all stuffed at the end of the meal.

Service: While we waited at the bar for our table and had drinks, the manager sent over a complimentary basket of chips and salsa. This was real nice surprise since we did not ask or expect anything. I guess we looked hungry.

The bartender was also really friendly. Once we got to our table, the service really went down-hill. The waitress poured half our second  pitcher of margaritas onto the table. She didn’t apologize, but made some silly excuse about not having a the right stirrer. She actual left without wiping up our table which was soaked with margaritas. We had to call someone else over to change out plates and placemats. Additionally the service was really slow and the servers were not friendly. Our first three dishes came out really quick and then we just waited and waited. We had to ask a few times to reconfirm our order. Our last dish (the ribs) finally came out at about 10ish (we ordered at 8:45pm). When we were finished eating, we decided to ask for the dessert menu. The waitress informed us that the kitchen was closed. What?? No last call or anything. Then we asked to speak to the manager – he told us that we could still order dessert. Once we ordered, he informed us that the dessert would be complimentary. Overall the management knows what they are doing and how to please their customers, but the wait staff really needs to get a clue.

Contact Info & Getting There: Lucha Loco is located at 15A Duxton Hill in Singapore. Their telephone number is: +65-6226-3938. They are only open for dinner from Tuesday-Saturday. Street and coupon parking is available, but very limited.

Reservations: Lucha Loco doesn’t take reservations. We ended up waiting at the inside bar for 45 minutes to get a table for four. While we waited we had their signature frozen lime margaritas which were exceptionally good. Prior to making our plans we had been informed about their lack of reservations and the long wait time, so we expected to wait and did not mind hanging out. 

Would SuperMommy eat at Lucha Loco again? Yes for sure! Despite the service, the place had a great atmosphere, good drinks and excellent food. It is perfect for a mom’s night or a couple’s night out.