A Super Mommy and a Judge have more things in common that one might realize.  A Super Mommy acts in a judicial capacity on a daily basis.  Just see for yourself.

Laying down the law: “NO hitting, biting, scratching, spitting, throwing, crying, punching, fighting….”

Mediation: “Who had the toy first? Let’s try to share.”

Dispute Resolution: “Zayden will play with the toy for 1 minute and then Xavion will get a turn.”

Investigating: “Maybe the ball rolled under the sofa…?”

Gathering Evidence: “There is green paint on the wall and green paint on your hand.”

Cross-examination of the Witness:  “To clarify, you claim you only ate one cookie from the cookie jar and your teddy bear ate the rest.”

Levying a Fine: “No ice-cream today because you failed to eat all your green peas.”

Granting Bail: “Fine I will let you play for 5 more minutes, after that you will have to go straight back to your crib for a nap.”

Prosecuting Defendants: “On the said day in question, did you or did you not hit your baby brother?”

Issuing a Probation Sentence:  “This is your last warning.  Do it again and you  will not get to play outside”

Issuing Community Service Sentence:  “Put all your toys back in the box and clean up the milk from the floor.”

Issuing a Jail Sentence: “Your punishment is to stand in the naughty corner for 2 minutes.”

Reexamining the Verdict:  “The new evidence shows that you were merely hugging your baby brother and not trying to wrestle him to the ground.”

Listening to Appeals: “Pllleeaasseee, Mommy….pllleeeaaassseee…just one more piece of cake….I promise I will eat my dinner… pplleeeaaasseee…(sob, sob…cry…scream)…..pleeeasseee…”

If you can think of anymore reasons why a Super Mommy would make a great judge, let me know and so it can be added to the list.