What mom doesn’t love getting flowers from her kids? Every time we go out to the Botanic Gardens, my older son (in addition to the sticks, rocks & snails) always stops and picks up flowers off the ground for me. He then looks at me with the cutest smile and says “Mommy this is for you. Do you like it? Isn’t it so beautiful?” His daddy told him that all girls, especially his mommy, love getting flowers.  The only problem is that by the time we get home my flowers are wilted and smushed, so I never have anything to add to my scrapbook (or to show off on Facebook).

When our Featured Super Mom Amy Ho showed me her Flower Fun craft kit from her company Pig & Ox, I knew this was one craft idea I would definitely do at home with my boys.

Things You Will Need (makes 4 flowers):

  • 12 cupcake wrappers in different sizes, colors and designs (you can cut the wrappers to whatever size you want, however it is best to buy small, medium & large wrappers if possible).
  • Double Sided Adhesive
  • Assortment of dot stickers (for the center of the flower)
  • 4 straws (for stems)
  • 4 pre-cut green leaves (made from foam, cardboard, etc.)
  • 12 stickers (or pieces of tape) to attach leaves and blossoms to the stem
  • Bucket/Pot/Container/Jar/ (to act as a flower pot)
  • Colored tissue paper (for inside the flower pot)

Estimated amount of time it will keep your child happy and entertained:  20-30 minutes.  Longer if you decide to paint/decorate the flower pot as well.

How to Make the Flowers

Here is the step-by-step on how to make your flowers and personalize it with your own style!  There is no exact formula for making the perfect flowers.  Let your kids use their creativity and imagination to create their own unique flowers.

Step 1: Take the large cupcake wrapper and lay it out flat.

Step 2: Peel one side of the double sided adhesive and stick it to the medium cupcake wrapper.

Step 3: Stick the medium cupcake wrapper to the large cupcake wrapper.

Step 4: (Optional) If you want a more detailed flower, repeat steps 2 & 3 with different colors, sizes and types of cupcake wrappers.

Step 5: Attach the straw to the back of the flower to make the stem.

Step 6: Use the dot stickers to make the middle of the flower.

Step 7: Attach flower blossoms and leaves to the stem.

Step 8: (Optional) Decorate the flower pot.

Step 9: Attach the stems to the inside of the flower pot to keep it from moving.

Step 10: Crumple up the tissue paper into the flower pot.

Viola!  You have beautiful, unique handmade flowers from your special lil’ gal/guy. What a great craft idea for so many occasions, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day…  Not to mention it’s good any-time gift idea for grandmothers as well!