Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Hatching Easter Dino Eggs

Are your kids tired of the same old boiled or plastic eggs for Easter? Give the poor Easter bunny a break and get some “mystery” hatching dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Easter Egg

How it works. You just put the egg in water and wait for it to hatch (approximately 15 hours to fully hatch). Once it hatches out comes a little dinosaur surprise.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Hatching Eggs

Now what a great Easter basket surprise. Just imagine the thrill and anticipation as your kid waits to see what hatches from the egg. This is even more fun if the this is their first time seeing these types of eggs!

Super Note: If dinosaurs are not your thing, They sell many varieties of hatching eggs on Amazon that look really cool – from bunnies, to chickens to turtles and many more.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Idea…

Aside from an Easter basket, these dinosaur eggs can also be used for a dinosaur themed birthday party. I used these eggs in Zayden’s Dinosaur 6th Birthday goodie bag. Although there were tons of cool items in the bag, some moms actually told me that their kid got the most excited about these eggs.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Easter Egg

Moms in Singapore FYI: I got these dino eggs from the Singapore Science Centre for SG$1.50.

Just in case any of you decide to pass out dinosaur eggs at your next party. Here is the goodie bag tag that I created. Feel free to download and use it for your own party. 🙂

Dinosaur BIrthday Party Free Printable Eggs

Hope you have a very Happy Easter and/or an awesome Dinosaur Party!!