As we all know, babies and toddlers love flapping their arms, twisting, turning and waving things in the air as they sit in their high chair.  By the end of the meal, half of their food is on the floor.  Having a sticky bowl allows your child to “self-feed” and get something nutritious in their bellies without having the entire contents of the bowl end up on the ground.

The Boon Catch Bowl is a bowl that has a suction cup bottom that sticks to almost any surface.


There are many brands that make sticky bowls, like First Few Years and Munchkin, but Boon is my favorite.  Unlike the other brands, Boon has an extra flap (aka “spill catcher”) to catch any falling food that someone didn’t make it all the way to your toddler’s mouth.

Boon is known for being a hip baby brand, with a funky take on everyday items.  The bowls now come in a variety of colors, orange & gray, pink & white, purple & green, blue & orange, light purple & red.

The Boon bowl is not cheap (it costs anywhere from SGD$12.50 – $16.50), but it does last.  Aside from a few teeth marks on the flap, my older son’s bowls have lasted for over 2 ½ years (we still use them daily).  The bowls still stick and the rubber spill catcher is still intact.   You can buy the bowls at Mother’s Work and at Mums & Babes (online Singapore store).

Extra “Super” Tip:  I take the Boon Bowl with me when we eat out at restaurants.  That way the baby snacks go directly in the bowl and not on the dirty restaurant tray or table.  It also avoids having huge amounts of food on the restaurant floor and the possibility of smacking someone at a nearby table with a flying bowl (yes, this has happened to me before)!