School is finally out!  Time to pack those bags and have some “fun”. “Fun”…who are we kidding. Sometimes traveling with children is much more stressful than actually staying at home. Do not fret. Here are some travel tips to get you and your hyperactive toddler through that dreaded plane ride.

Goodie Bag Toys
You know what I am talking about.  All that plastic junk you get in a goodie bag.  It’s like a 100 new little toys, coloring books, crayons, noise makers, stickers,  all at once. Kids love it and you don’t risk losing any real toys on your journey.  The best part is you can always throw it as you exit the plane.

Super Tip:  Don’t go out and buy these plastic toys.  Just start collecting them each time you go to a party and then “make the toys disappear” at night when you kids are asleep, to save for these plane rides.

Kiddie Movies & Apps
Bring an iPad or Phone loaded with children’s apps and movies.  Fill the iPad with some old favorites and some new things as well.  You might as well delete your stuff – its not like you will even have a minute to spare on the flight.

Super Tip:  For long plane rides, don’t forget to pack your charger. God forbid your iPad runs out of batteries!!

Yes, you heard me correct!! Lollipops provide at least 10 minutes of licking fun.  This is perfect for take off and landings when you can’t use the TV, iPad, tray…just about anything of interest is banned.  I prefer the organic Lollipops by Yummy Earth.  If my child is eating junk at least it’s organic junk (yes, this makes me sleep better at night).  Make sure you bring a lot you never know when you might need one in an emergency.

Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks
Make sure you pack all of your toddler’s favorite snacks (pack a lot).  Snacking throughout the flight is sure to keep them entertained.  Also, you don’t want to risk running out of food and having a potential toddler melt down on the plane.  Try to keep the snacks as healthy as possible.  Last thing you want is a sugar overload, I mean with all the lollipops and now this….

Super Tip:  Buy some squeezy packet fruit.  Toddlers love squeezing the food in their mouths.  It’s healthy and fun.   That way at least you know they are getting something nutritious in their tummies.

Trick Your Toddler Into Sleeping
Make sure you pack some pajamas for long flight.  Maybe your little monkey might actually fall asleep. Also, you can try buying some new fuzzy slippers with an animal on it.  Tell your toddler they can’t touch the floor otherwise it will get dirty.

Super Tip:  Ask for a pillow and blanket assoon as you sit down in your seat before the plane even takes off.  You don’t want to run the risk of the flight running out of their limited supply.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your sanity on the flight and keep you under the air marshal’s radar.  Good luck & happy travels.

Extra “Super” Tip:  Apologize to all the neighboring passengers in advance before your child starts terrorizing the plane.  Most people appreciate the gesture and are usually willing to turn the other cheek during a toddler tantrum.
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