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When your little one climbs into your lap and looks forward to reading a book with you, it can be the sweetest feeling in the world. For a few moments out of the day, take the time to unplug and unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and add these fun toddler board books to your reading rotation. If you didn’t get a chance to check out Part 1 (Books 1-10) of the Top 20 “Must Read” Toddler Books, please click here. Below you will find some other fabulous books that can read with your child.

(11)  Hush, Little Horsie

Written by: Jane Volen, Illustrated by: Ruth Sanderson (2013)

Hush Little Horsie - Must Read Toddler BookHush, Little Horsie is a toddler board book that is as comforting and loveable as your baby’s security blanket. An ideal bedtime book for sweet dreams, you’ll find beautifully illustrated baby horses poetically described in different scenarios. Ponies are asleep on the farm, the plain, by the sea, on the moor, and inside a barn stall, while their mamas are shown close by to watch them frolic, leap, roam, and dream away. In the end, a little girl and her mom are shown reading a bedtime story. Afterward, the little girl falls asleep, dreaming of horses and knowing that her mom is watching over her.  Volen also wrote Good Night, Little Bunny,  an adorable touch and feel book that rhymes and allows toddlers to explore different textures like toothbrush bristles, a blanket, pajamas, and a bunny rabbit. She also has a dinosaur toddler board book series worth checking out, such as How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?, How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies?, and How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?.


(12)  All Kinds of Kisses

Written and Illustrated by:  Nancy Tafuri (2012)

All Kinds of Kisses - Must Read Toddler BookWhat child doesn’t love kisses? The farm setting in this toddler board book is full of kisses: between a family of chicks, cows, goats, doves, pigs, sheep, dogs, ducks mice, and bunnies, and from parent to child. Terrific illustrations accompany the adorable and loving sentiment throughout the story. Tafuri has several award winning animal bedtime storybooks, including Have You Seen My Duckling?, I Love You, Little One, Whose Chick Are You, and You Are Special, Little One. Tafuri’s are wonderfully invaluable additions to any child’s book collection.


(13)  Move!

Written and Illustrated by:  Leisbet Slegers (2012)

Move! Must Read Toddler Board BookA monkey hanging out in the tree climbs. A fish hides behind the seaweed and swims. Your toddler will love this book for the sheer joy of its vibrant illustrations. Lifting the flap of each animal will surprise readers as a turtle, frog, butterfly, and bird go from still to springing into motion. This toddler book teaches the concept of animal movement and their surroundings in a witty and fun way. Slegers authored and illustrated the Kevin and Katie board book series, including Kevin’s Big Book of the Five Senses, Kevin’s Big Book of Emotions, Katie Moves, Katie Goes to the Doctor, and Kevin Goes to the Hospital.  Slegers has also come out with a newer series that explores different professions, such as Chefs and What They Do, Astronauts and What They Do, Dentists and What They Do, and Teachers and What They Do.


(14)  Baby Sounds

Illustrated by: Joy Allen (2012)

Baby Sounds - Must Read Toddler BooksClanging pots and pans, buzzing, ringing phones, honking cars, animal sounds, park sounds, bath and bedtime sounds- this toddler board book takes your child through fourteen different daily noises for sensory introduction.  The illustrations are fantastic. Sounding out the noises from each page with your child will make even the sternest parent chuckle. Buy this book along with Allen’s Baby Signs.  Baby Signs is a useful toddler board book to have in your child’s book arsenal. It introduces thirteen different sign language gestures that babies can communicate feelings, wants, and needs with others, such as when he or she is hungry, needs a diaper change, or needs help.


(15)  Noses Are Not For Picking

Written by: Elizabeth Verdick, Illustrated by: Marieka Heinlen (2014)

Noses are not for picking - Must Read Toddler Board BookI highly recommend this toddler board book regardless of whether it’s cold, flu, or allergy season. Noses Are Not for Picking uses clever illustrations and language to show children where noses are located and what noses are for. It emphasizes noses are for breathing and sniffing, not for picking and licking. Parents will appreciate the easy-going and encouraging, yet instructive context.  Wipe noses with a tissue to keep noses clean, toss the used tissue in a trash can, wash and dry hands to prevent from spreading yucky germs.  Parenting and caregiver tips are provided at the end for nose picking prevention before it even begins or to stop the habit if it has already surfaced. This toddler board book is part of Free Spirit Publishing’s Best Behavior Series, which include other great life lesson toddler board books, such as Diapers Are Not Forever, Feet Are Not For Kicking, Germs Are Not For Sharing, Hands Are Not For Hitting, Pacifiers Are Not Forever, Tails Are Not For Pulling, Teeth Are Not For Biting, and Words Are Not For Hurting.


(16)  Quiet Bunny

Written and Illustrated by: Lisa McCue (2009)

Quiet Bunny - Must Read Toddler BooksQuiet Bunny takes place in a forest filled with morning and evening nature sounds. Quiet Bunny wants to make his own animal sound for the night song that he loves so much. When he tries to make sounds like the other animals, he realizes no sound comes out. He tries to hum like a hummingbird, growl like a bear, and chirp like a cricket, to name a few sounds. He worries about who he is and where he fits into the night song, when he finally discovers his unique bunny sound. This board book teaches that it is okay to be different, not to follow others to fit in, and march to the sound of your own drum.  Quiet Bunny is just one of 150 books that McCue has illustrated, so after this one, you will have several more to check out and enjoy.


(17)  I Love My Mommy

Written by: Giles Andreas, Illustrated by: Emma Dodd (2010)

I love my Mommy - Must Read Toddler BookThis is a sweet book that will warm you up like hot chocolate.  Even during the business of the day, this little tike knows that Mommy is super busy throughout the day. Even still, Mommy still has time to play, a wipe grubby nose, teach valuable lessons, and show her unconditional love. The illustrations are adorable, and Mommies everywhere will appreciate the sentiment of this book.


(18)  The Crown on Your Head

Written and Illustrated by: Nancy Tillman (2011)

The Crown On Your Head - Must Read Toddler BookNancy Tillman has a way of storytelling and illustrating in a way that feels like a huge bear hug between parent and child.  This book, along with Tillman’s others, embrace a child’s individuality and their special place in the world. It expresses the close relationship between a parent and child in such a soothing, feel good way. In this story, the crown a child wears is uniquely their own, and limitlessly grows with the child throughout life.  Get this book for its great messages about approaching life with wonder, hope, and exploration. The amazing illustrations are as endearing as the book itself.


(19)  Grandpa Loves Me!

Written and Illustrated by: Maryanne Richmond (2015)

Grandpa Loves Me - Must Read Toddler BooksGrandpas hold a special place in our children’s hearts. This book is wrapped in love and sealed with a smooch, reminding us that there is a precious and unique love between a grandfather and grandchild. The greeting card sweet sentiment oozes from the story’s beautifully simple illustrations and words. This heartwarming board book makes a great gift that can be a staple for babysitting grandfathers everywhere. Check out Richmond’s other touching award winning books including the If I Could Keep You Little , I Wished For You:  An Adoption Story, and The Gift of Memory: A Book to Commemorate the Loss of a Loved One.


(20)  I Love You Through and Through

Written by: Bernadette Rossetti–Shustak, Illustrated by: Caroline Jayne Church (2005)

 I Love You Through and Through - Must Read Toddler Board BookThis rhyming toddler board book will be sure to put a smile on you and your child’s face. A little boy accompanied by his beloved teddy bear shows a range of emotions from silly and mad to happy and sad. The two explore opposite concepts and actions like running and walking. From eyes to ears to hair and toes, each and every day, this child is loved. This toddler board book is a perfect baby shower or birthday gift to show the unconditional love a parent has for his or her child.



When your little one climbs into your lap and looks forward to reading a book with you, it can be the sweetest feeling in the world. For a few moments out of the day, take the time to unplug and unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and add these fun toddler board books to your reading rotation.

Take the incredible opportunity to read these books aloud to your child. Bond, learn, teach, and thrive together through the wonders of written language. I hope you get a chance to check out some of these special board books with your kids.

Happy Reading!

Super Mom Kat