Ask SuperMommy….

“Where can I get a glider or rocking chair for
my baby room in Singapore?”

Most people want a comfy chair in their baby room for many reasons, which includes feeding, soothing, reading and playing with their newborn.  Some places in Singapore to purchase a glider and matching ottoman are Mother’s Work Baby, Mothercare and Wild Child.

If you prefer a more traditional chair, you can find a wooden rocking chair at various teak wood places (check out Dempsey Road).

Another option is finding a used glider/rocking chair.  If you are lucky you might be able to score a really awesome used chair from Pottery Barn or another designer baby store.  Many of the grocery stores (like Cold Storage & Marketplace) have notice boards where people post for sale items.   You can also check the notice boards at community organizations and clubs. Additionally, there are many online mommy sites that have buy/sell links.  If you buy a “previously loved” chair, you can have the chair reupholstered for a reasonable price to match your baby room.  Once it is reupholstered it might actually look better than new and for a fraction of the Singapore price!

Another option is to buy a small sofa with a sturdy back.  If you can find a sofa or a sleeper sofa bed that you like, it will serve multiple purposes including hosting house guests and sleeping in your baby’s room if the need arises. Although the sofa won’t rock, it will still provide a cozy place to hang out with your baby.

Extra “Super” Tip:  Make sure you know what baby furniture you want to buy a few months before your due date. Unless it is in stock (which is rarely the case in Singapore), based on my experience it takes anywhere from 1-4 months to get furniture – especially if you are custom ordering it or if you have a specific color in mind.  This also includes your baby swing, stroller, playpens, ect.  Local baby stores only carry a limited amount of each item and it usually takes months for them to get their next shipment.