Summer’s almost over and now it’s Back to School time! As a parent it is important to know what your child is learning and doing in school. Here are some questions to ask your child’s teacher during orientation and/or the first week of school.


  • What topics will you be covering this term?
  • What can I expect my child to have learned by the end of the term?
  • What are the types of “unique” learning activities do you do in class (gardening, cooking, building, ect.)?
  • What type of physical education activities will my child be participating in?


  • What is my child’s schedule during the day?
  • How much time is spent outdoors?
  • Can I see a sample teaching plan for the week?
  • What type of physical education activities will my child be participating in?
  • What are the rainy day activities when the children cannot go outside


  • What supplies should my child bring to school?
  • What supplies should we have at home to assist my child (flash cards, work sheets, crayons, chalk board, glue, etc.)?
  • What books should we purchase to keep at home?


  • What types of snacks are allowed at school?
  • Will my child be provided lunch at school?
  • What types of food do you serve at school?
  • Can I see a sample menu?

After School

  • How much outside homework is my child expected to do after school?
  • Will my child be able to do this homework by himself or will it require adult supervision?
  • Are there any extra-curricular activities you can recommend to help him with what he learns at school (Mandarin tutor, math class, drama, sports)?


  • What is the best way to communicate with the teacher? Email, text, phone call, written note?
  • Who do I contact if my child is sick?
  • How do I pick up missed assignments?
  • Get a list of the important school contact numbers.

Discuss Your Childs Needs

  • Special foods, allergies or medical requirements for your child.
  • For younger children, discuss potty training, special toys, names of caregivers and any other things that might make the transition to school/a new class easier.

Parent Involvement

  • What type of parent involvement do you require?
  • Do you want any parent volunteers to help out with class activities?

Let me know if you have any other “super” questions to ask the teacher and I will add it to my list.