This is a confusing time for all of us in the world, especially children. One day we are all happily living our lives and the next day the world is shut down because of something called the “coronavirus” – what is a virus, why is this happening, will we be ok? Kids have lots of questions and as parents it is sometime hard to explain, especially since all of us are also confused and stressed as well.

Many talented people out there have come up with FREE kid’s books and activities that are specifically related the Coronavirus / Covid-19 to help kids understand, cope and document in their own words what is happening in the world today. 

Just for my SuperMommy readers, I have come up with a list of free printable downloads relating to Covid-19. Please click on the hyperlinked title and you will be sent to the website where you can download the FREE full version of these kids books and activities. If you do decide to use any of these works, please show the authors some support by liking/following their pages (and please show me some as well @SuperMommySG). 🙂

I will keep adding more free kids Coronavirus downloads as I find them on the Internet – so keep checking back to this page for updates. 

A list of activities, books & more relating to the coronavirus for kids below….

My Lockdown Diary

My Lockdown Diary” consists of 28 fun pages for kids to fill out during this Covid-19 period. The New Zealand designer Stephen McCarthy has provide enough pages for 4 weeks, but will add more pages

By Stephen McCarthy at 

My Covid-19 Time Capsule

My Covid-19 Time Capsule” was created by Long Creations and includes 12 FREE printable pages, including a page to draw a family picture, what I am doing at home, interview with parents, handprint page and more.

There are three different versions available for download in different languages.

by Long Creations 

My Hero is You

” ‘My Hero is You’ – How kids can fight Covid-19” helps explain how kids can protect themselves against the virus and cope with the complicated emotions they are facing as a result of this world pandemic. This book was published by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), which is part of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and is a collaboration of more than 50 humanitarian organizations. 

The book is available in the following languages for download: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Ukranian, Bhasa Malay, German and Turkish. Click here to download in different languages.

Published by: Inter-Agency Standing Committee 

Learn About Coronavirus and Covid-19

Learn about Coronavirus and Covid-19“, was created by St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital for slightly older kids (approx age 6 & up). The document includes definitions of the different terms being used relating to the virus, crossword puzzles and other activities.

Published by: St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital

I Have A Question About Coronavirus

I Have a Question About Coronavirus” provides answers for kids relating to the virus. The book was written by the award winning authors, Arlen Gaines and Meredith Polsky, of the “I Have a Question” book series. The book is available in both English and Greek languages.

By: Arlen Gaines and Meredith Polsky

Coronavirus A Book for Children

Coronavirus a book for children“, this is a free information book explaining the coronavirus geared towards children ages 5 to 9. The book is illustrated by Axel Scheffler, who is the illustrator behind the Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Stick Man and other loved children’s books.

Published by: Nosy Crow

Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus

Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus” was created for very young readers. It tells the story of an owl called Nurse Dotty who helps a worried Dave the Dog understand more about the virus.

By Nurse Dotty Books 

Don’t Walk Your Cat, and Other Advice for a Worried Kid

Don’t walk your cat, and other advice for a worried kid, is a digital book that was created to empower children with the practical strategies that they need to be able to regulate their emotions both during this Covid-19 current crisis and into the future. 

By Jade

Learn about the Coronavirus Coloring Book

Learn about the Coronavirus” is a free coloring book created by St. Judes Children’s Hospital to help explain to its patients and kids in general about the virus.

Published by: St. Judes Children’s Hospital

The Story of the Oyster & The Butterfly

The Story of the Oyster & the Butterfly is to help children understand the coronavirus. This book is written by Ana Gomez, a psychotherapist based in the US, and is available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Hungarian, German, Hebrew.

by: Ana M Gomez

A New Virus Has Arrived

A New Virus Has Arrived” is a bilingual book, in Chinese & English, explaining the coronavirus. The book was created by the EtonHouse Community Fund to help create dialogue and learning between parents and kids.

Published by: EtonHouse Community Fund

What’s Up With This Coronavirus?

What’s Up With this Coronavirus “is a one page free printable comic for kids to help them understand more about the virus.

by Elise Gravel 

Exploring the New Coronavirus – A Comic Just for Kids

Exploring the New Coronavirus – a Comic Just for Kids” is based off a radio story by the NPR education reporter Cory Turner. On the radio, he asked some experts what kids might want to know about the new coronavirus discovered in China and that advice was the basis of this comic.

You can print and fold a zine version of this comic here and here are directions on how to fold it. To read this comic in Chinese, click here. To read it in Spanish, click here.

Written by: Malaka Gharib / MPR


Hope everyone is keeping healthy & safe at home! Remain positive – hopefully soon this will all pass.



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