It is a common known fact that breast milk is the best thing for your baby.  But what you don’t hear is that breastfeeding is not as natural as it seems. Some of the lucky few may say that breastfeeding is easy, but just talk to the rest of the mothers out there and they will agree with me. Many of us breastfeeding mommies have cried and wondered if our baby is getting enough milk – is our supply low – is he still hungry?

SuperMommy is here to give you the honest facts and tips, so you are not in shock when you are in the hospital and don’t know what to do.  Breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby and I am a firm supporter.  DON’T GIVE UP!!!  It is EASY once you know what you are doing.

Over the next few months, I will post various tips and articles relating to breastfeeding and must have breastfeeding items for a new mom.  I will also fill you in on my personal breastfeeding ups and downs.  Feel free to email me or post a comment at anytime if you need any advice.

SuperMommy Tip #1:
Be Prepared

Reading books and watching breastfeeding videos of outdated people in the 80’s is not what I mean when I say “be prepared”.  Yes, it is important to read books to get an overview of what is going on, but this will not necessarily help you.

Things To Help You Prepare Before The Baby Arrives:

(1)   Know the meaning of all the key breastfeeding terms. For example: latch, letdown, colostrum, hindmilk, foremilk, engorgement, etc.

(2)   Know the various problems that might arise while you are breastfeeding and what the solution is. For example: mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush, etc.

(3)   Know what the basic breastfeeding holds are.  You can try practicing at home, but you won’t really get it until the baby arrives.

(4)   Know where in your house you plan to breastfeed the majority of the time.  If you don’t have a place, create a place (buy a comfy chair, rocker, sofa, etc.).

(5)   Create a “breastfeeding” basket of all the necessary items you might need that will be within arms reach (i.e. baby wash cloth, TV remote control, snack & water for mommy, nipple cream, light blanket to cover the baby, etc.)

(6)   Know the number of a lactation consultant (ask friends for this information, if you are in Singapore I can provide you with a few phone numbers).

(7)   Buy a good breast pump and know how to use.  Have the pump sterilized before you go to the hospital.

(8)   Get a good nipple cream.  At the beginning breastfeeding hurts.  Your nipples will hurt and you will be tired.

(9)   Know what foods to eat to help with milk production.

(10)  Buy supplements and teas to help with your milk production.

(11)  Have friends that are breastfeeding or have just stopped breastfeeding on speed-dial (I know this sounds cheesy, but sometimes you just need someone to talk to).  I used to “What’s App” my friends in the middle of the night because I knew that they were also up breastfeeding at odd hours.

(12)   Have a good support team.  This can be your husband, mom, mother-in-law, friend, aunty, helper – anyone that can help pick up the slack while you are sitting in one place for hours each day breastfeeding.

(13)  Buy a breastfeeding pillow.  Take it to the hospital with you.

(14)  Get yourself entertainment.  You should breastfeed for about 20 mins on each side (hence, 40 minutes of sitting in one place).  My hubby downloaded shows on my iPad and about halfway through the show I knew it was time to switch sides.

and the most important…

(15)   Plan on being very, very, sleep deprived!

Lots more Super Breastfeeding Tips to come.  Keep reading.