After looking around at numerous party places for my son’s 4th birthday we decided to do an “exclusive” party at Playful Elves in West Coast Plaza (Singapore). One of the benefits of having an exclusive party is that you get the whole place for your party guests to enjoy.

In my search for the perfect party venue, I wanted to find a place that would be able to accommodate a large amount of children as well as adults. Both my boys (and their mommy) are very sociable, so we get invited to a lot of parties. Thus naturally when it was our turn to have a Birthday Party we couldn’t just have a small affair. 

From the minute I first visited Playful Elves in December (as you may remember from my initial Playful Elves post), I knew this would be the perfect place to host a birthday party. Playful Elves already has a built in bouncy castle, a full playscape and a mini-race track. Not to mention it is a fairly sizeable space that will accommodate a large number of guests.

Since we had exclusive use of the place I basically took over in true “Super Mommy” style. Let me just tell you – Zayden’s 4th Birthday party was truly amazing.

Here are the PARTY DETAILS –

Let’s Talk Logistics:

Prior to the big day, I corresponded with Playful Elves via email and had two in-person meetings with the party coordinator to discuss the logistics of the party. We went over in detail the various games, set-up of the rooms and schedule of events.

Note: When planning any party it is important to make it clear what your expectations are that way you and the party venue/coordinator will both be on the same page.

The party list included over 100 people (50 kids + the adults). Since I had so many guests coming there was no way all of those kids would fit in the party room. Three days before the party, myself and the helpful Playful Elves staff did a bit of furniture rearranging. We basically did a mock set-up for the party. I have to say that the staff was very accommodating in allowing me to take over the place.

An extra special surprise was that Playful Elves announced Zayden’s birthday on their website. Prior to the party, my friend saw this on their website when she was looking up directions and told me about it. What a great way to make our party look special and what an amazing scrapbook memory!

Party Day Set-Up

We decided to make the party-room into the official good bag, gifts and food/drinks room. This is also where the Pastamania catering set-up up all the yummy food. This room became a fun place for guests to mingle in while they grabbed a bite to eat.

The adult café, became the “hang-out” and “main eating” spot for all of the guests.

What is so great about the Playful Elves venue is that the adult cafe looks directly into the play area. Some adults never even set foot into the play area, but were able to watch the kids the entire time.

We removed all of the adult tables and replaced them with mini-tables and chairs for the kids. We lined up all the extra adult chairs along the walls. Playful Elves also provided us with some high-chairs for the younger kids (which my 21 month old son did use to eat his dinner).

Playful Elves also has a great little counter / kitchen area. I used the counter to display the birthday cake and serve the ice-cream and popcorn. The kids loved it because the counter was just the right size for them to look over.

 I also loved the fact that Playful Elves has a fridge! The Playful Elves party host advised me to bring in my party stuff a few days early so that I didn’t forget things last minute. The fridge was empty, so they allowed me to put my drinks in the fridge – which meant cold drinks for my guests without ice. It also allowed me to store the crudités and fruit skewers in the fridge, and the ice cream in the freezer. I was happy since I didn’t have to hire someone to bring in an ice cream cart or bring my own cooler from home to store the ice-cream. 

Playful Elves Staff:

On the day of the party Playful Elves had 4 party hosts/staff members to assist me with the party. When I got there at 2pm (for the 4pm party), the staff had already set up all the tables exactly how we had discussed. From that point on I basically just told them what needed to get done (and trust me there was a lot) – hang the banner, put up decorations, spread confetti, arrange the tables, set up goodie bags, ice-cream, drinks, and I can go on and on.

At one point I told them I wanted these huge hanging crepe paper balls to come off the ceiling; they right way got the ladder out and started hanging the balls. They even helped me unload all the party supplies from my car. At the end of the party they packed up all the table covers, decorations, gifts and extra things for me to take home.

Party Games & Activities

As soon as you entered the party, a “monster tattoo” table was set up for the kids. A staff member stood at the table and helped put the tattoos on the kids.

On the main counter sat “Monster Rock“, the party pinata who greeted the guests as they walked by.

At the entrance of the main play area, Party Blasters had set up the photo taking area and the DIY picture frame station for the kids.

All the party games were done in the center of the race track. Not all the kids were required to participate. Some kids were playing and others were eating during the games – whatever made them happy. The party hosts coordinated all the games –

Freeze Dance

The Car Race


The Pinata 

We also did the actual blowing of the candles and ceremonial cake-cutting in the race track.

I cannot stress enough how awesome it was that people sitting in the main party room could still watch the games and cake cutting without having to actually enter the play area.  I think all the guests still felt a part of all the activities even if they were not directly participating.

SuperMommy’s Opinion of A Playful Elves Party: All my guests including myself (the biggest critic) only had really positive things to say about the party. I said it when I first saw the place and now I will say it again – this is a PERFECT venue for an exclusive birthday party!!! Just ask any of my party guests and they will all agree. Everyone one had an amazing time! Zayden’s friends are still talking about how much fun they had at the party. I have to say that this was one of the best parties that I have thrown to date (and trust me I love planning & organizing parties).

If you decide to do a party at Playful Elves and need some planning tips, just leave me a comment – I will be glad to help you out.

Super Note: Party Blasters was in charge of the arranging / placement of all of the balloons at the party and the DIY picture frame station. Pastamania was the caterer for the event. Ashley Mak Photography was the party photographer. All other decorations and food were organized by SuperMommy.

A special thank you to Playful Elves for working closely with SuperMommy to make Zayden’s 4th Birthday such an amazing event!