Most of the kids I know love pizza, pasta and chicken nuggets. If you serve those three things at a party you really can’t go wrong. Its not the healthiest of options, but it’s a PARTY, so sometimes I let the broccoli and spinach slide. Thus when it came to finding a caterer for my son’s birthday party, naturally I looked for all my son’s favorite party foods. This is why I chose Pastamania catering for the second year in row. Last year at Kids Kampong in Pasir Ris and this year at Playful Elves at West Coast Plaza. When I tell my friends I ordered food from Pastamania their first reaction is “What! Pastamania caters?” Yes, Pastamania caters and the food is delicious and reasonably priced.

Lets talk details –

How did SuperMommy hear about Pastamania?  My friend actually used Pastamania for her daughter’s 2nd birthday party (2011). The following year (2012), I remembered how yummy the food was from her party, so got the details from my friend and decided to use Pastamania for my son’s 3rd Birthday party.

Pastamania Food at Zayden’s 3rd Birthday (Kid’s Kampong)

This year (2013) when I was planning Zayden’s birthday I didn’t even think twice about the catering. I knew I would be getting the food from Pastamania!

What party food did SuperMommy order?  Pastamania has a huge menu to choose from with a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts. This year for the appetizers I ordered the popcorn chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and net spring rolls. For the main course I got to choose three items. I choose a Pomodoro Fusilli pasta as the first main course and then pizza for my other two items. The pizza came already sliced and neatly placed in the silver trays. When I ordered the food I requested 4 different types of pizza, (1) Chicken Ham & Mushroom, (2) Margherita, (3) Salami and (4) Vegetarian – basically 1/2 orders of each type of pizza. This way my guests had a good variety to choose from.

The price also included a dessert, however I opted not to get a dessert since I already had a huge birthday cake, ice-cream and rainbow fruit skewers at the party. I didn’t think the guests (especially the kids) needed anymore sugar. Pastamania allowed me to substitute the dessert with “waffle fries” – which really made me really happy; now my guests had one more hot finger food to eat! One beverage is also included in the menu, so we got the Fruit Cordial. Pastamania also provided us with a huge dispenser of ice-water.

How Much Food Do You GetPasta, pizza and fried appetizers are all very filling foods. Last year at Kid’s Kampong, the party had mostly 3 year olds and adults (appox 80). We catered for 40 people and started the food at 5:00pm – there was still tons of food leftover! This year, at Playful Elves we had mostly 4 year olds and adults (appox 110+). We catered for 50 people. The food was “help yourself,” starting at 4:30pm – we still had tons of food leftover!!!

Pastamania Catering At A Friend’s Birthday (Bricks 4 Kidz)

How is the food presented? In addition to having the “perfect” party food for kids – presentation is also very important for me. Many catering companies will just give you the food in those cheap silver plastic trays. Then it is up to you on how you want to serve that food, which usually means I end up spending a ton of money on new serving platters and dishes to make the food look presentable.

Pastamania Catering at Zayden’s 4th Birthday (Playful Elves)

Pastamania is different! The cost of the food includes the actual food table with nice table covers and skirting. The skirting is a nice dark burgundy color – made from a shiny material. Not those cheap throw away table covers. All of the food is served in metal silver trays with covers and all of the food items are labelled (so your guests know what they are eating). Additionally, a heating lamp is placed under each tray to keep the food hot, so your guests won’t have to eat cold food.

They also provide thick plates, napkins and spoons and forks, which are neatly displayed in a basket (and not thrown on the table). All condiments are also included – including chili flakes, hot sauce, Parmesan cheese and salt/pepper.

Honestly the food is good – but the final presentation is EXCELLENT for money! 

How was the delivery/service? Everything you need to order the food is right online (including all the prices and costs). Last year for my Kid’s Kampong party I just ordered everything directly off the Pastamania website. Then I called them on the phone to find out if I could slightly modify my menu (which they did). This year I didn’t even use the website, I just emailed them directly and asked them to use the same menu from the previous year with just a few changes (it was a great menu last year and even better this year).

Also when you order on their website, you arrange for the time for delivery and then leave the rest to the Pastamania staff. Pastamania does everything for you, they even arrange the plates on the table to make it look nice. Once the party is over, they will come back at your specified time and clean everything up for you. Note: They will even give you take-away boxes if you ask for it in advance. That way you can pack up any of the left over food.

How Much Does it CostThe prices vary depending on what menu (food items) you choose. The basic menu starts at $10 per person. There is no extra charge for the tables, skirting or tableware.

Will SuperMommy Cater from Pastamania again? Yes! I have already ordered two years in a row from Pastamania. Honestly you can’t go wrong. Everyone loved the party food!! People were able to eat as much as they liked since there was so much food – I am sure no one went home hungry. A lot of my guests were actually impressed when they found out the food was from Pastamania, since it is such a well known and reputable restaurant. 

A few of my friends have also ordered from Pastamania for their birthday parties and they will agree with me that the food, presentation and delivery is excellent. I totally recommend Pastamania for kids birthday parties! They are very reliable and provide great service.

Super Note: Zayden’s 4th Birthday Party was at Playful Elves in West Coast Plaza. Party Blasters was in charge of the arranging / placement of all of the balloons at the party and the DIY picture frame station. Pastamania was the caterer for the event. Ashley Mak Photography was the party photographer. All other decorations and food were organized by SuperMommy.

All the opinions in this post are 100% my own. I was given a small discount in exchange for writing my honest review of my experience with Pastamania catering.