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Need a little help cleaning the house? Housekeeping does not need to be a daunting task. Long gone are the days of sweeping up messes and scrubbing floors on your own. These days there is no need to hire expensive outside help, just have a “robot” do it for you. If you haven’t already heard, Philips has a “robot” vacuum does the cleaning for you. With a few simple set-up steps, the Philips Robot will do all the work (even when you are not at home)!

Let me fill you in on the key features of the Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC822/01)…

The Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC822/01) is a compact, yet powerful cleaning machine! It has 6 infrared and dust sensors with a turbo function, it avoids walls, lamps, cables and recognizes area with the most dust accumulation to ensure thorough and intensive cleaning without your interference.

It has 4 cleaning modes makes it adaptable in any environment be it a small or large space with a Smart Detection System that combines smart chips, 25 sensors, gyroscope and accelerometer allowing it to clean on its own and pick an optimal cleaning strategy to get your home clean as fast as possible.

Best of all, the TriActive XL nozzle cleans double the area in one stroke, making cleaning two times faster. A 3-step cleaning system with dry mopping function allows the nozzle to pick up even the finest dirt and dust.

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In a nutshell, the Philips SmartPro Robot features are –

  • Smart Detection System adapts cleaning to any environment

  • Infrared sensors for detecting and avoiding obstacles

  • 3-step cleaning system including dry mopping function

  • Automatically returns to base station for charging

  • Schedule your weekly cleaning

  • Powerful Li-Ion battery for 120 min operating time

  • The robot detects the most dirty areas for a deeper clean

  • Contour following nozzle adjusts to uneven floors

  • 4 cleaning modes to adapt to different areas

  • TURBO suction mode for intensive cleaning

  • Remote to control the robot from a distance

  • Virtual wall to keep the robot out of off- limit areas

These are only some of the details for the Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner, for more specifications and information on where to buy, you can click on this link. 🙂

SuperMommy Putting the Robot to the Test

The features of the Philips SmartPro Robot Vacuum sounded great, but I had to test it out and see for myself. Since I have two very energetic little boys, my house is fairly “child proof” and doesn’t have many breakable items or random cords, as such my primary concern was not about the robot breaking or banging into things.

As a busy mom my primary test for the Philips Robot were as follows:

(1) Does it pick up the lint, dirt & other creepy crawly things that are on our floor?

(2) What will happen if small toys get in the way of the Robot?

(3) Can the Robot work with minimal supervision?

Super Note: If breakables or off-limit areas are your main concern the vacuum does come with a “virtual wall” device which you place around the area where you do not want the Robot to clean. This will create an invisible barrier that the Robot cannot cross (approx. 2 meters).

For the purposes of this test, I supervised the Robot and followed it around my house while it cleaned. I also put a few obstacles in its path to see how it would handle it. Here are the results…

Test – Normal House Obstacles

Under the Bed & Tables:  The Robot was successfully able to clean under the bed, even with the various toys and obstacles.

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Rugs: We have marble & hardwood floors in our house with rugs of various textures.  The Philips Robot did fine on the thin rugs and was easily able to get on and off, but it got a bit confused when it came to the thicker woolen rugs.

6 Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC82201) Review

Stairs & different floor levels: We do not have stairs in our house, but I am certain the robot will not be able to handle this. We do have a small two inch step before you enter or exit the bathroom (basically the floor in the bathroom is slightly lower than the floor in all of the rooms).  The Robot was able to successfully enter into the bathroom, but was not able to get out of the bathroom.

Super Note: This is an easy fix – just keep all the bathroom doors shut when the Robot is vacuuming and if you forget, no biggie then you will have super clean bathroom floor. LOL

Test – Small Toys

For the small toy test, I dropped a bunch of different sized LEGOs on the floor. The Robot did eat up the small pieces of LEGO. The big pieces just got caught up in the blue wipers and were found in different areas of the house. The small pieces were easily recovered once we opened the vacuum to clean it.

2 Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC82201) Review

Super Note:  Finding the missing LEGO in the Robot was much easier than finding LEGO in a normal vacuum or under the bed. Maybe if the Robot eats enough small toys, the kids might actually learn to clean up after themselves.

Test – Food & Crumbs

For the food test, I dropped a bunch of small round Gorilla Munch cereal on the ground. When the robot went over the cereal it crunched some of the pieces (I could actually hear it), which caused crumbs to scatter across the floor. Some of the cereal also got caught in various places in the bottom of the Robot. At one point the Robot shot out a piece of cereal like a bullet (no joke – it totally cracked me up – it was almost as if the robot didn’t like the taste – lol), which landed under the ottoman in the front hall. If I didn’t see it actually happen, that cereal could have potentially been there for days.

1 Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC82201)

Super Note: I was very concerned when the robot started dragging the cereal across the other parts of my house and onto the rugs. This could cause a potential ant problem if the cereal was not found. The robot did clean up the crumbs that it caused when it rolled over the cereal.

Test – Dirt, Lint & Other Things

When I tested the Robot the house was already fairly clean, however the robot was still able to collect a lot of dust and hair off the floor, and also a lot of the lint from the rugs. I also saw a few live ants still crawling in the container – whoops.

Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC8220-01) Review

Super Note: It is very, very easy to clean out the vacuum collection container and reinstall it once again. Much easier than a regular vacuum.

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SuperMommy’s Opinion of the Robot Vacuum

For starters I think the Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner is super cute!! We have named it “Robee” the Robot at our house.

Pros: The little Robot does get the job done!  It effectively picks up the dirt, dust, lint, hair, crumbs & bugs off the floor, it works on its own with minimal supervision, is very easy to maintain and easy to clean. It even returns to the charging base on it’s own (talk about being well trained).

Cons: You need to be patient with the Robot like a small child. It cannot handle steps or small ledges, it bangs into things, it gets confused and keeps cleaning the same area over & over, it spits out things it doesn’t like.

Final Verdict: For busy moms, the robot is definitely a handy helper to have around the house. It substantially cuts down on the time spent doing housework and the day-to-day manual cleaning of the floor. Since the price is a bit high, this is not a “must have” item, but the Robot is something you should consider for your wish list. 🙂

3 Philips SmartPro Active Robot Vacuum Cleaner (FC82201) Review

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