Are you always either too cold or too hot? Are you constantly turning the air conditioner on and off, but unable to get just the right temperature in your house? Do your kids sleep in air conditioning and wake up freezing in the morning? Do you hate coming home from a long day in the Singapore sun to your stuffy humid place? Are you constantly waking up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature in your room? If you answered yes (like me) to any of those things, then Ambi Climate might just be the right device for you!

What is Ambi Climate?

Ambi Climate is a smart climate control device that continuously adjusts your air conditioner for your personalized comfort. It leverages data from onboard sensors and external sources to analyze how different factors such as humidity, sunlight, outdoor changing weather and your daily metabolic cycle affect your thermal comfort​. The device is controlled via a smartphone app​, By simply reporting your comfort level – whether hot, cold or comfortable – in different seasons and times, its unique AI algorithms will intelligently learn from your feedback to build a personal comfort profile and auto-adjust your AC based on your preferences and needs

Ambi Climate Review Singapore Air Conditioner Control Baby Room Air Temperature 4

SuperMommy’s Review of Ambi Climate

When I received the Ambi Climate on loan to review, my first thoughts were – “great, another device – who needs this?” But after putting it to the test, I have become a believer.

In my house we constantly turn the air conditioner on and off to get just the right temperature. We are accustomed to the hot Singapore humid weather, however do not like the stuffy feeling in our house when the air conditioner is not on. However, when the air conditioner is on or even a slight temperature drop has us shivering! Another problem is that my boys sleep in air conditioned rooms and we can never get the correct setting – they either wake up freezing or sweating. It’s quite the dilemma!

Ambi Climate Singapore Air Conditioner Control Device App

This device is the solution to all of these problems. As we may already know, our air conditioners are set for temperature alone, but many other factors affect our comfort – such as sunlight, humidity, changes in outdoor weather, and more. Let me tell you a little bit about what Ambi Climate does in simplistic terms.

The Ambi Climate is super easy to setup: The setup of the Ambi Climate is very straight forward. First you need to download the Ambi Climate app on your phone. Then you will need to plug in the device and sync it to your wireless home network. It took me less than 5 minutes to get it working.

Ambi Climate Review Singapore Air Conditioner Control Baby Room Air Temperature

It is compatibility with many different air con units.  Ambi Climate is compatible with over 50 brands and 1,200 remotes. The device worked with both our Daikin central air conditioner unit as well as our wall mounted units.

Ambi Climate Review Singapore Air Conditioner Control Baby Room Air Temperature 5

It has a very simple, tasteful design that should blend into most homes. The Ambi Climate device is small and does not take up much space. It has a sleek and minimalist design, which makes it fairly unnoticeable in a room (and that is exactly what you want for this type of device). The device blended right in – my kids and husband did not even notice.

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Adjust your temperature preferences through your phone. Through the smartphone app, all you need to do is to indicate if you are hot, cold, or comfortable, and the A.I. engine will learn the impact of these factors on you. As these factors change, the A.I. will automatically adjust your air conditioner, delivering better comfort and eliminating overcooling and overheating. Super Note: You can have multiple users per device and each one can have access via their own app.

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Different modes to help control your comfort level. There are 4 different modes: Comfort, Away, Temperature and Manual.

The Comfort mode will adjust your AC based on your comfort level (the device learns your preferences through your use). The Away Mode helps to maintain temperature and humidity thresholds at home when you are away. Only turning on the AC when the conditions are outside this threshold, thus saving energy in the process.”

If you already know which temperature conditions make you feel the best, then you will use the Temperature Mode (my favorite mode) which allows you to set a target temperature – then the device does the rest. Temperature mode allows you to set a single true temperature through Ambi Climate smart sensors, because the temperature indicated by your AC is not the actual temperature felt by you. Temperature mode learns how to cool your room optimally to your favorite temperature by indirectly learning the size of your room and how powerful your air conditioner.

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Last but not least is the Manual Mode, which allows you to control you AC through an app instead of the remote control. This is great for people like me that keep misplacing their AC remote control. I also like the fact that you can control your air conditioner manually from your phone – this worked great especially when we were returning home from a hot day!

Some things that could be improved…

Each air conditioning unit in your home requires its own device.  The Ambi Climate syncs up to individual air conditioner units and needs to be placed within view of the unit. You will need to purchase a separate device for each room. However, the app does allow you to manage multiple units at the same time (which is a plus).

Ambi Climate operates on your home wireless network, hence if your wireless goes down – your Ambi Climate won’t work. This should not be a problem in most cases, however this might pose to be an issue if you are away on holiday and your air conditioner remains on because your wifi went off and your Ambi Climate failed to turn off the unit that was set on a timer. Just a concern of mine – might be more an issue with my Internet service provider than Ambi Climate. LOL

SuperMommy’s Overall Opinion

Ambi Climate makes it super easy for you to stay informed on your air conditioning usage patterns. The device is aesthetically pleasing and the app is so simple and user friendly. The different modes and the statistics relating to our AC consumption were interesting and easy to understand.

I loved the fact that I was able to turn my air conditioner on and off in Manual Mode even when I wasn’t home – I tested this out a few times and it worked great. The device blended in so perfectly into our house that no one was aware that it was there. When I first got the device I used the manual mode to play a few practical jokes on my kids and husband – I had them believing our air conditioning unit was haunted. 😉

Personally, I wish this device had been created when my kids were newborn babies. This would have been perfect for regulating the temperature in my baby room. As a new mom, I would go into my baby room on a frequent basis to make sure the temperature was not too cold and not too warm. I would use a room thermometer to monitor the temperature – the Ambi Climate would have been a much easier and better solution!

The Ambi Climate is not a “must-have” device, but it definitely is something that will make your house a lot more comfortable. Is it worth it – I would say yes – especially if you have young kids that sleep in air conditioned rooms.

The Ambi Climate 2nd Edition is retailing at SGD $199.00, available ​in-store​ and ​official website​.