With the kids stuck indoors all day and the Singapore PSI rising off the charts, I am sure your kids are climbing walls and tearing the house apart by now! In an effort to fight boredom I searched the Internet for some entertaining activities to keep the children busy without missing the outdoors too much. I looked for the easiest crafts, which require the fewest materials, most of which you probably have at home. If you don’t already have the items, I am sure you can find ways to improvise without having to go out in the “haze”.

Here are some of the fun ideas that I found via all my Googling. All you need to do is click on the picture to take you to the actual blog that shows the step-by-step.

(1) Can’t go to the playground? Try Indoor Hopscotch!

Posted by Lil Blue Boo

(2) Can’t splash around in the rain? Make Your Own Goopy Slime!

Posted by Tot Treasures

(3) Can’t go to school? Make & Play With Toilet Paper People!

Posted by A Little Learning For Two

(4) Can’t go to the gas station? Blow Up Balloons With Homemade Gas!

Posted by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

(5) Can’t go to Kallang Leisure Park? Try Water Bottle Bowling!

Posted by A Passion for Savings

(6) Can’t go to The Science Centre? Make & Play With Dinosaur Box Feet!

Posted By A Bird And A Bean

(7) Missed your friend’s birthday party? Make & Hit Your Own Pinata!

Posted by SuperMommy

(8) Mandarin Tutor won’t come to your house? Make & Play With Sock Puppets!

Posted by Nest Design Inc

(9) Can’t go to tennis lessons? Play Balloon Ping-Pong!

Posted by Keeping It Simple

(10) Too gloomy to look outside? Make A Stained Glass Window to Cover The Haze!

Posted by SuperMommy

(11) Want to go on a nature hike? Make Your Own Caterpillar! 

Posted by The Bottoms Up Blog

(12) Can’t shoot hoops at the court? Make A Paper Plate Ring Toss!

Posted by A Little Learning For Two

(13) Can’t Go To The Botanic Garden? Make Your Own Flowers!

Posted by SuperMommy

(14) McDonald’s Won’t Deliver? Make Your Own Burgers With Homemade Playdough!

Posted by The Adventures of A DIY Mom

(15) Can’t See The Pandas? Make Your Own Singapore Zoo From Paper Plates!

 Posted by Living On A Latte

Hopefully the haze will stop soon and we can all go outside to play! Good Luck & Keep Safe!