“Fruit Skewers”, “Fruit Kebabs”, or as I like to call it “Fruit on A Stick” is a great dish to serve at any party. Adults and kids both enjoy this healthy snack option. For some reason people just like the fact that the fruit is on a stick. If you put the same fruit on different plates or in a party platter, the likelihood is that there will still be a ton of fruit left over at the end of the party. Also, creatively decorating or arranging every day common food to make it special “party” food is a great way to make your party “unique” and stand out.

There is no set recipe or method to follow when making fruit skewers. Here are some of the fruits you can use: watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, grapes, pineapple, papaya – just choose what fruits you like best.  Just don’t use any fruits that turn brown quickly, like apples and bananas. You can also add marshmallows or other things to the stick – I personally don’t because I think kids don’t need the extra sugar.

Once the fruits are cut. It only takes an extra 5-10 minutes to put the fruit on a stick. There is no specific order for the fruits – be as creative as you like. Also, you don’t need to make them all look the same. You just need to poke the fruit through the stick one at a time. For my son’s rainbow monster polka dot birthday at Playful Elves I decided to make rainbow fruit skewers – all the fruits were the colors of the rainbow.

Once your fruit sticks are done, just display them at the party. You can display them on a party platter or you can get creative. Here is a picture from our play-group’s Halloween party. The host used a watermelon to display the fruit skewers.

This is one of the easiest party foods you can make. All you need is fruit and the sticks. It takes no skill and very little extra time. But I can almost guarantee that it will be a party hit!

Good Luck & Happy Party Planning!