Not all of us have the time it requires to be the Class Mom, but don’t fret here are some Super Simple ways to get involved with your child at school.

(1) Attend Parent Meetings

For starters, you should try to attend the parent meetings (either organized by the school or the parent class representative). Parent meetings are a great way to meet the other parents and learn about their child’s progress. It will also help you get ideas for extracurricular activities to do with your child. Sometimes these parent meetings turn into a “forum” regarding what is going on at school and in the classroom, which will enable to you to gain insights and possible tips on how to help your child excel.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, drop the organizer a note. It shows that you are still interested in helping out, even though you were unable to make the meeting. “Sorry I can’t make this month’s meeting, but please let me know what was discussed. I am eager to get involved, please let me know how I can help participate.”

(2) Volunteer for Class Activities

Kids love it (especially the younger ones) when their parents come to school. It gives them a chance to “show off” their parents to their teachers and classmates. There will usually be sign-up sheets or emails for the various activities throughout the year. Why not sign up to go on the class field trip, help out with an art project or as the class reader for the week. Make sure you sign up for the class pot-luck parties and try to attend all the special functions (like the end-of-term party, etc.). If no activities fit your liking or time schedule, why not ask the teacher or class mom if you can lead your own unique activity (like gardening, baking, construction, a science project, etc.). Also, some schools have career days – why not show off your skills…banking, legal, tech, the list goes on.

(3) Make a Donation

Don’t have even a minute to spare – then maybe you can make a donation (this does not need to be monetary). Ask the teachers if they need anything for the classroom. Start collecting recycled materials that might be useful, like toilet paper rolls, cardboard, etc. For example, my son’s class needed second hand “dress up” clothes because the kids liked to “pretend”. They also wanted to spice up the reading corner, so someone donated some small IKEA chairs and another parent donated some fancy pillows. At least this way you can still be involved. Usually, the teacher will end up telling the other parents how you so “graciously donated your entire collection of bottle caps for the class collage.”

(4) Plan a Play-Date

Although a play-date does not involve the school, it’s another way to get involved with your child’s classmates & parents. This is really important for the older kids because it gives you a chance to see your child’s friends and also who is “influencing” your kids. For younger kids it’s a great way to help them adjust and make friends at school. Which is a “win – win” situation because it results in happy and eager children wanted to go to school to meet their friends.