Now that my kids are finally back in school, I have a little more time on my hands. After an eventful summer of travelling, hanging with the kids and eating food on the go, it’s time I started getting my body, both the inside & outside, back into shape.

I decided to consult with “Naturopathic” Doctor Karuna Sabnani to find out ways to “detox” my body from all my summer fun and from environmental pollutants like haze and smog from my travels. Here are some of simple cleansing tips that she shared with me (and my SuperMommy readers) on how detox and help clear myself from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

These are also great tips to help you detox your body for 

Dr. Karuna Sabnani’s Simple Cleansing Tips:


This is one of the easiest way to detox as skin is the largest organ and a lot of waste pushes itself through the pores. Dry brushing will help increase circulation and help the body speed up natural detoxification. It also sloughs off dead skin cells allowing your skin and you to breath more easily.

Get a brush with natural and soft bristles. Do gentle brushing towards the heart in a circular motion before showering. Brush clockwise on the stomach region to help with elimination. You should feel lighter, clearer and have a glow afterwards. Always shower after dry brushing. Note: If a dry brush can’t be obtained, use an exfoliating glove.

(2)  MINT

Multiple uses of this plant will provide healing benefits. The strong scent is good to clear up nose, lungs, throat congestion and for some asthma relief.  It’s a great relaxant and is good for headaches and cooling down in hot temperatures.  It’s a great anti-nausea aid and digestive aid.

Tea:  Get 1/4th cup fresh mint and steep in boiling water for 1-3 minutes or use a store bought tea bag. Drink hot or cold.

Essential Oil: Inhale peppermint oil to open nasal passages, apply diluted a drop to the temples for a headache.  If no essential oil is available, use the fresh leaves. Rub them to release the oil and inhale the aroma from your hands.


An Epsom Salt detox bath is a broad spectrum detoxifying bath. It activates fluid movement in the tissues and increases perspiration. The sulphur component of the salts are an excellent detoxifying agent. This bath also relaxes your muscles and is great after a hard workout or a long day! Directions: Begin with ½ cup of salts. Slowly increase the amount until you can tolerate 5 cups. Stop if you experience symptoms at any level. Increase time until you can tolerate 30 minutes without symptoms. 


Drink a lot of high quality water to flush out toxins through your kidneys. Especially remember to drink a few glasses of ‘hot’ water first thing in the morning to help with elimination, which will speed up toxin removal.  



Add extra fiber foods for 7-14 days: all green veggies, beans, lentils and brown rice. Under all costs make sure you have 1 bowel movement daily if you are eating food and not fasting; this is key to eliminating toxins. Lighten up your diet and make it vegetable heavy if you lean towards constipation.  



Vitamin C is great for symptoms of air pollution and aching joints. Get a good quality Vitamin C supplement and increase Vitamin C foods: kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, oranges, grapefruit, papaya, mango, etc.



  • Add bitter food to your diet:  Bitter has cleansing properties for your blood and liver. It will cut through that ‘stuck’ feeling and ease congestion.  A few options are endives, radicchio, bittermelon, daikon radish and dandelion greens.  
  • Eat GREENS:  Add an abundant of raw and cooked greens such as spinach, kale, collards, chard, brussels sprouts, Asian greens, etc.
  • Consider a short juice fast:  If you want a quick jumpstart and clear skin, give your digestion a rest and drink only vegetable juices with greens for 1-3 days.
  • Eat Berries: Make an antioxidant smoothie. Use unsweetened pomegranate juice and add 2 cups of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, mixed berries or fresh pomegranate.  


  • Dairy: Remove ALL dairy from your diet at least temporarily for 7-14 days as it is mucus forming and will make congestion worse.
  • Meat: Reduce meat consumption
  • Fried Foods: Remove all fried foods, processed foods and processed sugar

Remember that cleansing and detox is not only about what you eat, it’s about taking in fresh air, relaxing and being mindful about all the situations in your life.  Take this time to de-clutter your closet, remove toxic people from your life and spend extra time having fun and enjoying your loved ones!


About Dr. Karuna Sabnani
Dr. Sabnani is a Beauty and Natural Medicine Expert. For over 10 years, patients have come to Dr. Sabnani to learn how to get a lean body, restful sleep, restored energy, clear skin, strong digestion and stress reduction. She currently lives in New York City and works with patients both nationally and internationally. For more information, and how you can work with Dr. Sabnani visit her website at: Karuna Naturopathic Healthcare.
Thank you Dr. Karuna for all the tips! Wishing all my readers a super healthy and detoxed life.