“A mother is a nurturing, loving and multi-tasking person who takes care of the house and the people in it.”

Preeti Vaswani Haqq our featured Super Mom grew up in El Paso and now lives in Los Angeles, California. She has two sweet little girls Shyla (age 5) and Amara (age 1).

Prior to becoming a Super Mom, Preeti was a manager and retail purchaser for three inline jewelry stores. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Texas and received her MBA from Pepperdine University. Now Preeti is a proud Mom and manages her own website, www.MyBollywoodstudio.com.  My Bollywood Studio is one of the first and now the number one online Bollywood Dance and fitness site. The website helps people, especially busy Mothers reach their fitness goals while enjoying their workouts in the privacy of their own home anywhere, anytime. Even Super Moms need some time to themselves.

The best part about being a mother for Preeti is that you can always be silly and your kids will smile.  She feels that it is important to stay happy and be positive in your daily life – kids make this possible because they love to have fun and enjoy life.

Becoming a parent is a real growing experience for most women. Since becoming a parent, Preeti has learned that she can do 50 tasks all at the same time and prepare for tomorrow as well. “Once you are a Mom, you have no choice”!  Prior to becoming a mom Preeti wished she knew how to cook. When her first daughter was born, she really had a hard time and insisted that her Mom come visit her in Los Angeles to specifically teach her how to cook. Now Preeti has really developed a passion for cooking, especially Indian food. In her spare time, in addition to dancing and working out, she also enjoys cooking healthy and nutritious foods for her family (usually all organic and GMO free food).

“The life you live is the lesson you teach” is a quote that Preeti tries to live by. Her parenting style is that of a friend, but strict in order to help her children understand how to behave and act. “It is important that they have good manners and a kind heart.” Preeti’s father has always been her role model. “He has helped me understand life, business and helped me to be positive with every situation. He worked so hard to make my two sisters and I live a good stress free life.” She hopes that she too can be such a strong and positive role model for her own children.

One of her favorite family traditions is to watch “BK Shivani” every Sunday evening with her 5 year old. “We learn about being positive in our lives and focus on one valuable lesson all week.  For example, last week we focused on how outside things such as toys, money, clothes, friends, or perhaps parties don’t make us happy.  Rather, we make ourselves happy by creating peace within and not being bothered by material things.”

If Preeti could have one super power, it would be of “precognition” – she would love to be able to predict the future. She feels that knowing what is ahead makes people less anxious and worried. Her advice to pregnant woman is to be positive and enjoy each day – “your own positive vibrations can help your baby to have a happy heart.”  

 Thank you Preeti for being such an awesome Super Mom. Keep up the great work!