Our featured Super Mom Stephanie has two little girls; Isabella is 3 ½ years old and Emilia is 3 months old.  She is originally from Vienna, Austria and has made her home in Singapore for the last 6 years.  In her pre-mommy life she worked in the front office at various hotels in London and Dubai.  Now her new full time profession is being a mom.

As a super mom, if Stephanie could have just one super power it would be to “beam” her kids into bed at the snap of a finger, already bathed, fed and with brushed teeth, while she is relaxing on her couch with a glass of vino in one hand.  Oh if only all of us moms had that super power…

Although her life is a bit chaotic now, she loves the fact that as a mom there is never a boring moment in her life anymore.  Kids really do really make her life worthwhile.   All Stephanie wants for her kids when they grow up is to be happy.

Stephanie’s hobbies include playing golf, however that was a very long time ago – now the poor golf clubs are collecting dust in the closet.  Being full time mom doesn’t leave Stephanie much spare time, however in she gets a few minutes to herself, she likes to squeeze in session of pilates, or maybe a mani/pedi into her hectic existence.   Even moms sometimes need a bit of time off!

Although she rarely mentions it anymore, Stephanie is also a very talented baker, and at one point she even owned her own baking business.  Now she just makes delectable desserts and beautifully decorated cakes for her friends and family. Recently, even though she was sleep deprived from her newborn baby, she still found the time to bake and decorate over 100 “Little Piggy” Cupcakes for her daughter’s school function.

Before becoming a mom, Stephanie wished she would have known how much energy kids require on a day to day basis. Her words of wisdom for pregnant and new mothers is not to stress too much over what other people say about bringing up kids. “Everyone has different opinions – just do what feels right for you. You don’t have to be a hero; it’s ok to throw some plates from time to time…”

Thank you Stephanie for being an amazing Super Mom!  Keep up the good work!

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