“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands” Milton Berle (Gayatri’s Favorite Mom Quote)

Our featured Super Mom Gayatri Punj Talwar is originally from New Delhi, India but has lived in London, England for the majority of her life. Gayatri has now made her home in Singapore with her husband and her daughter Aria, who is only 20 months old.

As a mom, Gayatri loves being challenged by her daughter every single day. In Gayatri’s words, “It is never boring and I witness a miracle every day seeing her grow and develop and become her own person. I love that a smile, a hug, a word, a dance or an achievement can brighten up my mood no matter how miserable I might be feeling.”

Before becoming a mom, Gayatri wished she would have known what an emotional roller coaster being a mommy would be. Like most moms, Gayatri just wants the best for her little girl. When her daughter grows up she wants her to do things that make her happy as long as she does it with a pure heart. Her advice to new moms is that “a mother’s instinct is the best instinct, books can only teach you so much”, go with what you believe is right.

In addition to being a Super Mom, Gayatri has always been artistically inclined. Straight out of college she worked with a well-known British clothing designer and then a few years later started creating her own clothing line in South Asia. Shortly after that she progressed into creating her own unique works of art, which she sold in galleries in London. Gayatri’s artwork is her work, hobby and passion all combined into one.

Now in Singapore, as an artist she continues to create and sell her art at the Bruno Art Gallery on Tanglin Road and through commission to various collecters. Her artowork consists of multi-dimensional pieces, where she uses silk and thread to sew to life semi-sculptural tapestries.

Recently her artwork was displayed at the Affordable Art Fair (2012) in Singapore and will be exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong this March.

One great thing about being so artistic is that Gayatri always creates fun and creative art projects to do at home. One of her favorite craft projects as a child and now something she makes with her own daughter is this fun and easy “Stained Glass Window” kid’s craft. Click here for Gayatri’sstep by step guide on how to make these beautiful Stained Glass Windows with your kids.

Thank you Gayatri for being such a great Super Mom. Keep up the Good Work!