Once I had the exclusive party venue booked at Playful Elves, I needed to “party up” the place a bit. Kid’s gyms are a lot of fun, but I wanted to make sure that Zayden’s party didn’t just blend into the rest – it had to be memorable! These days in an effort to make their birthday party unique, in addition to having a great party theme and decorations a lot of people are doing crafts or activities at their party. I too wanted to do something different, but honestly I didn’t have the time or the manpower at the party to help me execute the perfect craft project. I needed to get outside help!

Two years ago, my friend had this great party at Royce Kids for her son’s 2nd Birthday. I remember entering the party and taking a family picture and then decorating a personalized picture frame to take home. I still have the picture – here it is:

Zayden, Daddy & Pregnant SuperMommy

I wanted to do the same thing for Zayden’s birthday. I wanted people to remember the event for years to come (no one throws away a family picture). I called my friend to get the info and that is when she directed me to Party Blasters.

Note: I have attended so many kiddy birthday parties that I have lost count. You know it is impressive when even two years later something still stands out.

My Initial Contact With Party Blasters
When I contacted Party Blasters they sent me a list of all the services that they offer, in addition to the personalized picture frames they also do a bunch of other really cool activities/DIY things for kids parties such as: badge making, piggy banks, clock making, bag painting, plant terrarium, fuse beads, soft clay crafts. They also provide various party services including custom banners and invitations, face painters, balloon artists, tarot card reading, bouncy castles, toy/table rentals, photographers, popcorn / cotton candy machines, goodie bags, just to name just a few.

One of the main things Party Blasters offers are custom BALLOONS. They even make full balloon dresses! Normally, I order all my balloons from the US and then fill it with helium in Singapore. My original intent was to just hire Party Blasters just to do the instant photo taking and DIY picture frames. But after looking at the extensive catalog and variety of balloons, I realized that Party Blasters carried same exact balloons that I planned to order from the US for about the same price. I decided that I would just outsource and get all my balloons from Party Blasters this year.

Now let’s talk about the party planning logistics –

Pre-Party Planning with Party Blasters:

As we all know I ask a lot of questions, so I went back and forth over numerous emails discussing the various services offered by Party Blasters. One of the things we discussed were how high the ceilings were at Playful Elves (very high) and if I would need balloon weights since the balloons couldn’t just float in the air. Instead of selling me the $4 balloon weights, I was told just to purchase the $.50 water balloon weights. I liked the honesty of the staff and the fact that they were trying to save me money.

Also about a week before the party, a member of the Party Blasters team actually emailed me and said “How are you doing? Do you need any help planning the party?” I thought this was a really nice gesture. They weren’t contacting me to add more services, just to find out if I was still alive; I guess they know how stressful planning a party by yourself for over 100 people can be!

Balloon Set-Up On Party Day:

At 2pm when I arrived at West Coast Plaza to start setting up for the 4pm party, I saw two ladies standing outside in the car park blowing up balloons with helium. Shortly afterwards they came inside with 200 colorful blown up balloons ready to decorate.

It is no hidden secret that I am a perfectionist and micro-manager, and under normal circumstances I probably would have placed each individual balloon myself. But there was way too much to do, so I gave Brenda from Party Blasters full control over the placement of all the party balloons. I had complete confidence in their decorating abilities because I had seen their work before.

Thus with very little guidance, in under an hour, by 3:30 (with still 30 minutes left to party time) all the balloons were blown up, bundled up, tied up and placed in “appropriate” places – next to the cake, next to the Pastamania food, next to the goodie bags, at the main entrance, by the Monster Rock piñata, etc. etc.

You couldn’t even walk more than 5 steps without having a balloon right in your face – it was awesome – balloons everywhere. Seriously speaking what kid doesn’t like balloons? The best part was that I didn’t have to blow up or tie or place a single balloon for Zayden’s party – thank god, because I honestly didn’t have the time or energy to do all of that. Let me tell you – the place looked amazing!

Instant Phototaking & DIY Personalized Picture Frame Activity Corner

Party Blasters did everything for the DIY personalized picture frames. They did the set-up, the instant photo taking and printing, execution and clean-up of for the activity. The instant photo taking area was set up right at the entrance of the main play area, where we set up a backdrop of balloons with a big number “4”. 

The Party Blasters photographer stood right in the front taking pictures of each family.

Once inside the play area, we had a two tables set up. One table was the printing of the pictures and the other was the actual DIY station which was set up with a variety of foam stickers for the kids to personalize their picture frames.

Once the picture frame was decorated, I asked the Party Blasters staff if they would help me by putting a personalized sticker on the back of each frame and then put the frame into a clear cellophane bag for the guests to take home at the end of the party – they were glad to help.

Now this picture frame not only served as a fun activity for the kids, but also made a memorable goodie bag gift for the party!!

Everyone absolutely loved the picture frames! The kids had fun decorating and the parent’s liked taking home a framed picture. A lot of my party guests have actually called/texted to thank me for the picture frame and told me what an excellent idea it was.

SuperMommy’s Overall Impression of Party Blasters: I loved working with Party Blasters. Honestly, I don’t think I will ever do another party without hiring them (especially for the balloons).  I can just keep telling you how awesome Party Blasters is, or how beautifully decorated Zayden’s party was – but I don’t have to, the pictures just show it all. They did a great job and are good at what they do. I was impressed with their work and I don’t impress that easy. The staff was nice and easy to work with. They were punctual and really helpful with the overall party planning and moral support. They have a huge portfolio of different activities and services to choose from – Party Blasters is really a one-stop shop for all your party planning needs. I highly recommend Party Blasters – feel free to contact me if you need more details. 

Super Note: Zayden’s 4th Birthday Party was at Playful Elves in West Coast Plaza. Party Blasters was in charge of the arranging / placement of all of the balloons at the party and the DIY picture frame station. Pastamania was the caterer for the event. Ashley Mak Photography was the party photographer. All other decorations and food were organized by SuperMommy.

All the opinions in this post are 100% my own. I was given a small discount in exchange for writing my honest review of my experience with Party Blasters.