Are you tired of hunting through your freezer for your frozen breastmilk? Constantly having to figure out what is the oldest bag of milk?  Does your husband just looked confused every time he has to feed your baby? Has your freezer been taken over by little plastic baggies?  Here is an easy and cheap way to organize your frozen breastmilk.

Things you need:

  • Gift Bag (the size depends on your freezer)
  • Scissors

Step 1 Cut a small slit at the bottom of the gift bag.

Step 2: Stack all your frozen breastmilk bags, with the oldest date at the bottom of the bag.  Make sure to lay them down flat.

Step 3:  Place the gift bag in the freezer.

Viola, you now have your own Frozen Breastmilk Dispenser!

If you have enough room in your freezer you can make more than one dispenser with different ounces organized by date.

Hope this helps.  Happy feeding & pumping.

Extra Super Tip:
 When freezing your fresh breastmilk, make sure you lay the bags down flat to freeze.  An easy way to do this is to lay the bag down in a rectangular shaped plastic container while the milk is still fresh.  You can easily pile 3-4 bags on top of each other.  Just close the lid on the plastic container and let it freeze.  This helps (1) to freeze the bags flat (which makes it easier to store) and (2) protects your milk from someone piling meat or other freezer items on your not yet frozen milk.