I made this piñata for my son’s Monster Rainbow Polka Dot Party at Playful Elves. Everyone absolutely loved it – it was a party hit (no pun intended). It is a massive piñata – almost as big as my 4 year old.  

In order to decorate your “monster” piñata, first you will have the Make The Piñata using a big balloon and paper mâché. Click Here for the step-by-step on how I made and stuffed this pinata.

Things You Will Need:

  • Colored Crepe Paper or Streamers (Green & Blue)
  • 2 Cone Shaped Party Hats
  • Black Construction Paper
  • White construction paper
  • Long Shreds of Colored Tissue Paper Strings (Orange)
  • White Tissue Paper (cut into small squares)
  • Cardboard
  • Paint (Orange)
  • Glitter (Orange)
  • Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Pencil

Step by Step on How to Decorate the Piñata:

Step 1: Cut the crepe paper into small squares.

Step 2: Cut the edges of the crepe paper to make tassels.

Step 3: Apply glue to the back of the crepe paper and attach to the piñata.

Step 4: Keep repeating steps 1-3 until the monster is fully covered. Note: I chose an alternating striped pattern. Which is much harder than it looks. I had a difficult time keeping all the lines straight. A solid color monster would be much easier to make.


Step 5: Attach the party hats using masking tape to the top of the piñata to form the monster’s horns.  Repeat Steps 1-3 to cover the party hats and the rest of the pinata with crepe paper. Note: I attached the hats half way through however it is best to attach it at the beginning.

Step 6: Trim the edges to make sure the tassels are all even.

Step 7: Apply glue to the top of the monsters head and attach the colored strings of tissue paper. This will be the monster’s hair.

Step 8: Cut out 2 round eyes out of white construction paper.

Step 9: Make white tissue paper flowers and attach it to the white construction paper.

Step 10: Using masking tape, attach the eyes to the piñata.

Step 11: Cut two small circles from the black construction paper. Glue those to the white eyes.

Step 11: Cut out arms from cardboard. I would recommend cutting out the first arm and then tracing the other so they look the same.

Step 12: Paint both sides of the cardboard arm and sprinkle with glitter. Let it dry overnight.

Step 13: Attach the arms using masking tape.

Step 14: Cover up the masking tape with the colored crepe paper.

Step 16: Cut out a mouth from the black construction paper. Cut out white teeth (optional). Attach it to the monster using masking tape

Step 17: You are FINALLY finished! Pat yourself on the back! Great job – this is no easy task. It took me numerous hours late at night to make this piñata.

Now that you know how to make and decorate the pinata, the real question is what did everybody think? How did it hold up –  did it fall apart? How many kids were able to hit it? Click here to find out what happened with SuperMommy’s Monster Piñata….I am sure you will find it hilarious.  🙂