Disney on Ice Singapore 2018 Tickets Dates

“The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice” is now back in Singapore! The boys and I got to check out their new show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night and here all the exciting details…

Disney on Ice Singapore 2018 Tickets Dates

Young and old alike all know Disney, whether it is Snow White, Lion King, Dory or Frozen the stories and memories generated are timeless. If your child is a Disney fan (like most are), then Disney on Ice is one show that is not to be missed.

Disney on Ice Singapore 2018 Tickets Dates

Disney on Ice kept us all entertained, and the boys sat on the edge of their seats watching (even during the princess parts). Even I was singing along to all my favorite Disney songs (until my son told me to stop because I was embarrassing him – LOL).

We got the chance to see many of our beloved Disney characters Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Minnie, Jasmine, Aladdin, Arial, Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Simba, Pumbaa, Buzz, Woody and many, many more! The show lasts 2 hours (with a 15 minute intermission), so make sure your kids are well rested.

Disney on Ice Singapore 2018 Tickets Dates

Our favorite part was when it started to snow. Yes – Snow in Singapore! During the “Frozen” portion of the show it actually start to snow and if you were sitting close enough to the stage the snow flurries did make their way to the seats.

Disney on Ice Singapore 2018 Tickets Dates

Concessions and themed merchandise are available, but get ready to spend some serious cash. Little girls came dressed as princesses and boys in their Buzz light year outfits (so if you have any cute Disney outfits for your kids, this is the time to wear them).

Disney on Ice Singapore 2018 Tickets Dates

Tickets for Disney on Ice are still available!

Here are the important must know details if you still need to purchase tickets…

Dates:  15th – 19th March 2017.

Location:  Singapore Indoor Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub

Tickets:  Tickets can be purchased from www.sportshubtix.sg. For timings and promotions, you can also check out Sports Hub “Disney on Ice” page. For up-to-date info and more pictures, check out the Disney on Ice Facebook page.

Disney on Ice Singapore promotions, tickets, times, dates

With something magical for everyone, Disney on Ice helps create family memories that last a lifetime! Hope you enjoy the show!!