Aside from having a yummy birthday cake, every kid’s birthday party must have awesome goodie bags. This is what all the kids, especially the little ones anticipate and love.  This year for Xavion’s 3rd Birthday we decided to have a party at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Since we would be attending an “outdoor” bird show as party activity, I wanted to makes some super fun goodie bags that the kids could use use and enjoy as part of the party.

BIrd Park Chirpy Birthday Party - Bird Show

Now the norm is to hand out the goodie bags at the end of the party, but I always like to do thing my own way, so  we passed them out right before we left for the bird show. Xavion’s party goodie bag was more a “survival pack” for our adventure into the bird park, then an actual take home gift.

Let me tell you a little bit more about what each survival  “goodie bag” contained:

1.  A Funky Bag – All survival goodie items were placed in bright and colorful bags to give the kids that fun outdoor summer feel. Plus since these were little kiddos (and wouldn’t be in charge of their own bags), I figured the moms would look stylish holding them.


2.  Safari Visors and Sunglasses – Basically to look super cute in pictures and to keep the sun away while watching the show and exploring the Bird Park.

Kid's Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas

3. Duck whistles – To call for the birds in case they got lost on their way to the show.

4.  Mini flashlights -To help the kids find their way in case they got lost on their way to the show.

5. Mini Hand Clappers – To help them cheer on the birds as they watched the show.

6. Mini Puzzles – To  keep them entertained, for those that get bored easily.

7. Snacks – For those rumbling tummies…not too healthy, but definitely not candy!!


8. Water Bottles – Because after you eat snacks you need to have a drink…

Kids Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas

In addition to all the survival goodie bag items, the kids also got to take home some goodies from the piñata and their own DIY bird picture frames with a  personalized photo.

DIY Birthday Party Picture Frames - Goodie Bags

The kids also got a special Jurong Bird Park “eagle” to take home as part of the goodie bag provided in our party package.

Birthday Party Goodie Bag - Bird Park

What did the party guests think of these survival goodie bags? The kids looked super cute and were definitely entertained with their bags before, during and after the show. The moms loved the fact that we handed out the bags early – they appreciated all the little things like the water bottle and snacks to keep the kids busy while they waited. Overall, I think that the bags were a hit with the kids and adults alike.

Good Luck & Happy Party Planning!!!!