Both my boys absolutely love Royce Kids Gym! What’s Royce Kids you ask? Royce Kids is an indoor play gym in Liang Court in Singapore. Royce Kids is not like your other kiddie gyms – it’s more like a mini toy wonderland. These are not just your ordinary cheap toys. They have all the really high quality, must have toys and are regularly updating and buying new things.






One great thing about Royce Kids is that the entire place is padded.  Thus, even small kids are able to move around freely without moms having to worry about them getting hurt.






Although the place is not that big, there are so many different things to keep your children occupied.  Unlike the other play gyms that require a lot of climbing, Royce Kids provides “multi sensory motor activities” for kids.






There are so many different things to do at Royce Kids that I don’t even know where to start…there is a Lego corner, 7 different type of swings, 6 padded slides, Happyland corner, Dollhouses, Pirates, Kings Castle, Thomas the Train section, at least 15 mini cars and walkers, a mini roller coaster.






They also have a kitchen area with 8-10 kitchens and tons of you wooden foods and cleaning supplies, a reading corner, padded tunnel, tools, superhero masks, drums, keyboard….the list goes on and on.






Best of all, not only is Royce Kids fun for the kids, but it is a great meet up place for moms as well.  This is a favorite meeting place for a lot of my super mommy friends.  Since the kids are so involved with the toys and activities, moms are able to sit back on the floor and get a few minutes to breathe (instead of chasing, climbing and crawling like most other places).






Royce Kids is constantly adding new toys and sections, so even though we have been over 50+ times, my 3 ½ year old son still loves the place.  Royce Kids is clean and the toys are in excellent condition.  The staff is friendly and accommodating.  The staff knows both my boys names and usually have a cheery disposition.  I highly recommend Royce Kids Gym for kids 8 months – 5 years old.






Membership costs $55 per year. The price for 1 ½ hours is approximately $15. The prices vary based on the current promotions.  You should check it out for yourself.