Matilda The Musical is now in Singapore! We got the chance to see the performance live on stage and LOVED IT! Matilda The Musical is inspired by the children’s classic book “Matilda” by the world renowned author Roald Dahl and is a personal favorite at our house.

This is the first time Matilda The Musical is in Asia, and lucky for us, it is right here in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. The Musical has taken both London’s West End and Broadway by storm and received five-star reviews across the board. It’s the winner of over 85 international awards, including 16 for Best Musical.

What is Matilda The Musical About?

The Musical is about Matilda Wormwood, a super smart, 5-year-old girl who loves reading and learning, but is being held back by her self-obsessed parents. Her parents feel that Matilda is a bother and was a mistake to have even been born. Throughout the performance, her father keeps referring to her as a “boy” and encourages her to watch TV instead of reading books.

As Matilda grows up she learns that she needs to be a little bit “naughty” in order to get through life. Some of her antics include replacing hair oil with platinum blonde colored hair dye instead, which results in her father’s hair turning green, and also putting super glue inside her father’s hat!

Matilda finally gets her chance to go to school, something she has been waiting for a long time, but school is not how she expected! The headmaster Miss. Trunchbull is really mean and a total nightmare as a principal. Matilda is able to use her special abilities and teach Miss. Trunchbull a lesson at the end.

Even through all of this, Matilda is able to form a strong bond with her teacher Miss. Honey and a friendship with the librarian Ms. Phelps, which helps her grow along the way.

SuperMommy’s Review & Recommendations for Matilda The Musical

Overall, Matilda the Musical was a very enjoyable performance and a relatable story for both kids and adults.

This was our first time experiencing a musical at the MBS Theatre and we were impressed. The show was 155 minutes long (including the intermission), which allowed us as the audience to really get into the story. My boys have been to many smaller theatre productions in Singapore, but this was definitely on a much grander scale.

My boys were really impressed (and so was I) with the performance of the younger cast members. They were very surprised that kids that young (basically their own age), could memorize all of those lines and perform day after day in front of such large audiences. This was a great eye-opening experience for my kids, which resulted in a positive conversation about hard-work, practice, talent, motivation and determination during the car ride home.

Matilda The Musical has a story within a story – the first is that of Matilda and within her story, Matilda tells another story of Miss. Honey. If you are planning to go to the show, my recommendation is to have your kids read the book, watch the Matilda movie, and/or go over the story details prior to the show. This way your kids will be able to follow-along, as the two stories do intertwine together and may get confusing.

We felt the performance was great and definitely a two thumbs up from us. This is a show worth watching for kids ages 6 and above.

Useful Info for Watching Matilda The Musical

Matilda The Musical Dates & Showtimes in Singapore

Matilda the Musical is in Singapore from 21 February till 17 March, 2019, with showtimes as follows:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 7:30pm
  • Saturday: 2:00pm and 7:30pm
  • Sunday: 1:00pm and 6:00pm

Super Note: If you are going with young kids, I highly recommend purchasing a daytime show ticket, rather than the 7:30pm time slot. We attended the 7:30pm performance, which did not end till about 10:30pm. We definitely had some very sleepy kids for school the next day.

How to purchase tickets for Matilda The Musical?

Tickets are still available, but you will need to act fast, as The Matilda Musical is only in Singapore for a few more weeks.

Matilda The Musical Discounts, Promotions & Other Deals

Various promotions are available for the show, including 10% off for Passion Card members, Show & Stay, Show & Dine, large group discounts and others.

Where is the Marina Bay Sands Theatre located?

Matilda the Musical is on stage live at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre, which is located on the Basement level (B1) at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue (Singapore). Both self car park and valet services are available.

If you have any questions about what to expect during the performance, please feel free to leave me a comment below – glad to help. Hope you enjoy the show!