Fortnite Party Decorations

Keep it simple or go complex, it’s up to you. But remember a little can go a long way – so decide what is the best way to spend your party budget. As I mentioned, there is very little mainstream Fortnite party stuff available, which means you need to either get creative, use Etsy, or pick another theme.

For Zayden’s Birthday I purchased a bunch of random Fortnite stuff from Lazada and Shopee in Singapore.

  • Super Online Shopping Tip: If you plan on buying the Fortnite items online, you must plan at least one month in advance. Many of these items take 14-21 days to arrive (and you don’t want to have a panic attack the night before if you things have still not arrived). Normally my party items all come from the US, however surprisingly for this Fortnite party I found that the price on the US Amazon site is substantially higher than what I paid on my local Asian sites.

Below is a list of some of the things I purchased and recommend for an epic Fortnite Party…

Fortnite Balloons

Fortnite balloons really help show off your Fortnite party theme. You can pair the balloons with any of the complimentary colors to set the mood. There is no need to buy additional tableware or fancy decorations.

Fortnite Stickers

The Fortnite stickers are a must have! They definitely bring the whole party theme together and perfect for any DIY activity of your choosing. You can use the stickers to decorate your plastic party cups, use it as confetti, on party bags, decorate the cake stand, make cupcake toppers (just add a toothpick to the back), etc.

In addition to my decorating just about everything with these stickers, party guests were able to make their own DIY party hat while we waited for the food to arrive.

Super Fortnite Party Note: The Fortnite stickers were super cheap – SG$1.95 (US$1.50) per pack of 100, so I bought a pack for each of the goodie bags and one for myself to decorate. I was actually very impressed with the sticker quality – I did not realize that the stickers would be so big and of such good quality when purchasing. Just FYI, the same pack of stickers sells for US$7.99 on Amazon.

Fortnite T-Shirts

The Fortnite shirts are not a must have, but since there was not that much other Fortnite decoration, the shirts really helped. I purchased these at a reasonable price online and also made a great goodie bag gift to take home. I also purchased some Fortnite bracelets which the kids wore during the party.

Super Fortnite Party Tip: Make sure you buy at least one size larger than what you think the kids will wear. The shirts I purchased came from China and were smaller than the size indicated.

Fortnite Cake Topper

Every year I spend hundreds of dollars on a themed fondant, over-the-top cake. Yes, it looks cool, but seriously it’s not worth it! This decided to make my own DIY Fortnite cake using a store bought cake topper. Now you don’t need to buy this cake topper – it can easily be made by printing things out on your computer. In addition to the topper, I added some of the Fortnight action figures and a big glitter candles. This was paired with some Fortnite cupcakes (using the action figures as toppers). It looked awesome and didn’t cost that much to do.

Fortnite Action Figures

The Fortnite action figures will make a good addition to your food / candy table and also make the perfect cupcake topper. These can also be included as a goodie bag take home gift.


Overall, all the kids had a blast at Zayden’s 10th Birthday Fortnite Party! If you have any Fortnite Party questions, feel free to leave me a comment below – happy to help. 🙂

Good luck with your own party planning!