Mother’s Day is almost here! Are you still wondering what to do for your mom? Is it the same thing each year? Whether you are planning for your own mom or as a dedicated husband, here are over 15 ideas (some old and some new), that hopefully will help you show that special woman in your life how much she means to you.

You can pick just one, but I suggest picking a few items from the list and making her day super special. Make sure that you don’t forget that mom’s love sharing how awesome their family is on social media – so make sure your present is brag worthy to her followers.

15+ Special Ideas for Mother’s Day

#1 – Give Mom the Day Off

A day off means a day off! Don’t expect Mom to clean, cook, deal with the kids or any of the other million things that Mom does every day. As an extra bonus, you should let her sleep in as well!

#2 – Prepare Mom Breakfast in Bed

Moms are always busy feeding everyone in the house – isn’t it time mom got a specially prepared meal of her own. Just make sure if you are preparing breakfast, that you also do the cleanup after. Dads, here are some tips on “How to Make Breakfast in Bed for Mom on Mother’s Day.” 

#3 – Pamper Mom at a Spa Day

This is the woman that has selflessly taken care of you (or is the mother of your kids), either way she needs a break! Help her relax and enjoy some time being pampered by organizing a spa day (with you, her kids, her friends, or even on her own).

#4 – Impress Mom with Your Writing Skills

Now a personalized card or message may sound a bit boring, but trust me if it comes from the heart Mom will love it. Tell mom how much she means to you by taking some time to write her a special message. As sappy as this sounds, moms love homemade cards (especially from young kids) and meaningful messages from the heart (check out this Easy Kid’s D.I.Y. Card & Flower Gift for Mom). Just FYI, most moms save these cards and probably have a huge collection stored away someone to show you when you get old.

#5 – Bring Mom into the 21st Century with a New Electronic Gadget

Who says dad is the only one that is into electronics? Decide what your mom needs and hook her up with the latest technology. Is it a new phone, iPad, camera, photo printer, computer – the list goes on. If an electronic gadget is out of your budget, maybe just get her a new set of headphones, selfie-stick, phone case or other accessory.

#6 – Plan a Family Meal in Mom’s Honor

Whether it is brunch, lunch or dinner, mom deserves an extra special meal. There are great Mother’s Day meal promotions everywhere (some even include goodies for mom, like makeovers, spas & flowers), so make sure you book ahead and get Mom a reservation at a restaurant she will enjoy. Try to gather together all the members of your family to make the meal extra special. Alternatively, you can even invite everyone to your home for Mother’s Day (but remember, it’s Mom’s day to relax and she will not be doing the cooking).

#7 – Take Mom on a Shopping Spree

Let mom pick the present of her choosing. Set a budget (or don’t) and let mom shop to her heart’s content. Make sure you are there to help her hold the bags and select the items – she will love the company (just don’t complain on how long she is taking – this is her day – let here enjoy it). You can also stop mid-way through the day to enjoy a meal or take a tea break.

#8 – Travel with Mom to an Exotic Location

How many times has mom been to Disneyland, hotels with waterparks or other child friendly vacation. When was the last time mom went somewhere for herself? Isn’t it time mom got to take a trip to somewhere she wants to go? Maybe it’s the Maldives, Paris or Hawaii – find out what is on Mom’s bucket list and go!

#9 – Organize a Family Photoshoot

What better way to commemorate the day then a full family photoshoot in Mom’s honor. Make sure you also get nice framed portrait at the end for Mom to hang on her wall.

#10 – Get Mom a Stylish Makeover 

Most moms would really appreciate a nice makeover. It can be fancy or just for the day. Makeup, hair, clothes, or the works. This would be a good gift right before the family photoshoot or even a meal. Make sure you take lots of before & after photos.

#11 – Organize a Memorable Staycation for Mom

Plan a fun and relaxing staycation right in your own hometown. Think about what mom would like best, is it with the family, on her own, with friends, at the spa, at the beach – the possibilities are endless. You may even want to include a spa treatment and let Mom go wild with ordering room service! It’s her day, so let her enjoy.

#12 – Get Mom an Aesthetics Treatment

Is it slimming, cellulite reduction, tightening, peeling, laser, fillers or lifting that mom needs? Trust me mom wants it, but is afraid to ask. Aesthetic treatments are something that are still quite new age and older moms might be hesitant, but its worth putting it out there and who knows maybe mom might agree. Some of my favorite treatments are Rejuran, CoolSculpting, Fraxel Laser & Cosmelan.

#13 – Do Something Adventurous with Mom

Mom may be a little overly cautious, but she still likes to have fun. Help her bring out her adventurous side by doing something out of the norm with her. Take her bungee jumping, surfing, on a speedboat, ride segways or whatever else you can think off. Who knows mom might actually enjoy it and want more. For additional ideas, you can read this article on “Non-Traditional Outings for Mom on Mother’s Day“.

#14 – Make Mom a Keepsake Item

Whether it is a clay handprint, custom made jewelry box or engraved picture frame, Moms love keepsake items. Make her something memorable that she will save and cherish for the years to come.

#15 – Be Traditional with Flowers & Chocolate

Flowers and chocolate are a very traditional gift for Mother’s Day and most Moms still appreciate receiving this. Remember, Mom needs something to post on Instagram about. Spend some extra time and thought and select Mom’s favorite chocolates and flowers – and she will love it.

 #16 – Make a Charitable Donation in Mom’s Name 

Still not sure what to get or what to do and Mom just has it all? In addition to doing something from the list, you can always make a charitable donation in her name to an organization that she feels strongly about.

#17 – Just Ask Mom, She Knows Best!

If all else fails, just ask mom what she wants to do on her special day and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Wishing Moms everywhere, a fabulous and fun Mother’s Day!