Big kids can always go trick-or-treating, to a costume party or to a haunted house on Halloween, but the little kids really have no where to dress-up and go in their cute costumes. This past year my friend and I decided to throw a little Halloween Party for our 2-year old boys.

Everyone knows how much I love planning parties. We decided to have the party in my friend’s function room. It was a fairly large space, with both an indoor and outdoor area. As you can imagine, the function room was pretty bare – great for a meeting, but not so much fun for a kids party.  This is why we decided to team up with “My Party Rocks” to throw an awesome party.

Why does SuperMommy need a Party Planner?

Although I have many of my own party ideas, it is hard to execute an amazing party with a two-mom team. Pre-party planning, shopping and creating is easy, but when it comes to the actual event it takes hours to set up and organize.  Not to mention, now in addition to being a Super Mommy, I just started working full-time, so needless to say unless I stopped sleeping, there were not hours in my day to pull this party off!

Super Party Planning Tip: Don’t be scared to ask for help. Hosting a party is not an easy task. My friends and I always help each other out during party time, whether it is help decorating or by baking cupcakes or hosting an activity. But sometimes when you want a bit more and don’t have the time to do it yourself, but still want an over the top party – then hire a party planner!

Pre-Party Planning

My Party Rocks are well known party planners in Singapore and have planned numerous kids events, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, team building events, etc. – needless to say My Party Rocks (MPR) has a large variety of ideas and methods on how they can contribute to a party.

A month before the party we met with Juliet the lead event planner/owner of MPR. At the meeting we discussed what ideas we both had for the party. Together we came up with a joint plan on the overall feel of the party. Juliet told us that MPR is great at “party styling” and “DIY” – two things that I also love doing.  I knew we would make a great team. We told her what we wanted and she was eager to help us make this a really memorable Halloween party for these little 2 year olds.

Absolutely love this DIY sign that My Party Rocks made for the party!

We decided that MPR would be responsible for 5 main things at the party. (1) Photo Corner, with an original background and souvenir take-home party pictures, (2) Styling the Main Buffet Table, (3) Four Creative & Spooky Halloween Desserts, (4) the Kid’s Craft Activity and (5) Two fun Kid’s Halloween Games.  In addition to all of that they would provide us with a team to help decorate, run the crafts & games and any other help we needed during the party.

Super Party Planning Tip: Even if you are hiring a party planner, you should have a basic idea of the look and feel of your party. Party planners are helpful, but they can’t read minds. Before I plan a party I usually spend hours searching Pinterest, looking in G+ communities and Googling ideas.

31st October – Party Day

Naturally party day was a bit crazy!!! We started organizing/ decorating the room at 10:30am – the party was scheduled to start at 3:30pm. It was pouring down rain outside and we had lots to do!  We had to transform a completely empty function room into a place where 2 year olds could have some Halloween fun.

Decorating & Pre-Party Set Up

My Party Rocks is known for their party styling. My friend and I provided the majority of the decorations. But MPR provided us with the manpower and helped us execute our vision.  Let’s talk about the decorations – no Halloween party can be complete without spooky and creepy decorations. Now in order to transform the function room, it took a team 10 people (including myself and my friend). What did we do – put up 30 bags of spider webs, hung up a 20 foot ghost banner, created monsters out of streamers, blew up balloons, hung up signs, scattered around pumpkins and the list goes on and on.  Now can you imagine if it was only us 2 Moms, with less than 4 hours to do this (not to mention pick up our kids from school at 12:30pm and cook the party food), it would never, never have been done on time!!

Original Themed Backdrop / Photo Corner

The My Party Rocks team came up with a custom design for the Halloween party. We told them we wanted the it to be geared towards little kids, but still a bit spooky. MPR incorporated the theme through-out the party with custom cut-outs, food labels and with the huge photo backdrop for our guests.

The photo backdrop was the first thing that the guests saw as they entered the room. The MPR photographer took pictures of each of the guests and printed out a copy for them to take home.

Super Party Tip: Moms love, love, love when they get to take home a printed-out picture from a party. I highly recommend doing this for your party. You can also get some frames from IKEA and then it becomes a DIY activity for the kids as well.

Styling the Food Table

The MPR team was also in charge of styling the main buffet table, which consisted of a variety of sweet & savory Halloween themed food. They came up with the idea for the table and were in charge of putting together the whole look and feel.

During pre-party set-up we focused a lot of our attention on this table. We know that everyone loves snacking at parties and that this would be a focal point for all the guests.

Creative Party Food

My Party Rocks also likes to get a bit creative when it comes to party food! We decided to have them make four spooky desserts to add to our Halloween themed treats table – you can never have enough desserts at a party!! MPR also designed cute name cards/drink labels came up with unique Halloween themed names for all of  food on treats table.

“Mummy Cake-Pops”

Super Party Tip: My Party Rocks put the cake pops in rolls of streamers to make them stand up. This looked great and is very cost effective.

“Pop the Pumpkin Push-Pops”

“Creepy Spider Brownies”

“Spooky Skeleton Cookies”

Unique Bottle Labels for the Drinks & Food

Halloween Party Craft

I always like having a craft or some type of activity for the kids at every party that I throw. Now as I mentioned before, a function room is usually geared towards adults, so we did not have any kids tables or chairs for the craft. Rather than rent this and pay a ridiculous price, we borrowed kids tables and chairs from a few of our friends – but all the tables and chairs were different colors and sizes. SuperMommy’s solution – let’s cover them with garbage bags and tie and orange bow around them. Sounds a bit wacky, but garbage bags are “black” and do go with the theme. Now once the idea was in place, the MPR team executed the plans perfectly. The team wrapped all the chairs and set-up the tables and their cute custom made cut-outs made the chairs look super fun and inviting for the kids.

In addition to setting up the craft tables, MPR was in charge of organizing the actual craft for the kids. Since the kids were all around 2-3 years old, MPR decided to do an easy stick & glue Halloween foam craft.

 A few of the MPR team sat at each of the tables and helped out with the craft. The kids looked like they were having a great time!

Halloween Party Games

My Party Rocks was also in charge of the party games. They came up with the “Witches Ring Toss” and the “Pumpkin Toss” for the little kids. The games were originally meant to be outdoors on the grass in front of the function room, but it rained all morning and we decided it was best to just move the games undercover, but that didn’t matter – the kids still had super fun playing them.

SuperMommy’s Opinion: Yes, MY PARTY did ROCK. The kids all had an amazing time! All the moms commented on the awesome party decorations, food and games were. This will definitely be one Halloween party everyone will remember. 

Special thanks to the hardworking My Party Rocks team for making this party super fun for the kids! If you would like to contact My Party Rocks for your party planning needs click here for the link to their website. Please note that all opinions are 100% my own. No compensation was paid for this post. My Party Rocks provided their services at no charge in exchange for this review.

Good Luck & Happy Party Planning!!