With Christmas right around the corner, Lego Duplo is one thing that makes a great gift for both boys and girls ages 1 ½ – 5.  Since the Lego Duplo blocks are twice the length, width and height of the normal Lego blocks, the bigger pieces are easy to hold and attach. Lego Duplo is specially designed with “small hands” in mind.  Honestly, you can never have enough Legos – even if you receive two identical gifts of the same kind of Lego Duplo, you can still use it all.

We started receiving gifts of Lego Duplo since my son’s second birthday. I was worried about the clutter and whether he would actually play with it, so we basically just stored all the boxes of unopened Lego Duplo in our “gift” closet.

Finally, when Zayden turned 3+, we decided to open up some of our boxes of Lego Duplo to test it out.  This is when I became one of Lego Duplo’s biggest fans.  My over-active child can play with Lego Duplo for at least 30 minutes (longer if I build with him) without making a sound –  which is a huge achievement for any 3 year old.  Moreover, he builds the most interesting and imaginative things. Rocket ships, bulldozers, jungles – you name it and my son can probably build it (well at least his version of it). My only mistake was not opening it up sooner.   Now our biggest problem is that we don’t have enough Lego Duplo.

We were recently invited to attend a Lego Kid’s Event hosted by Nuffnang at Hokey Pokey (Suntec City Mall, Singapore). Since Zayden loves playing with Legos, we were very excited to participate. At the event, there were two Lego Duplo competitions.

The first challenge one was to “build your dream house”.  Zayden and I built a big, tall castle with numerous windows and towers.

The second challenge was to build an animal. Zayden decided to build a giraffe, which he had to do without mommy’s help. He actually made two giraffes – a daddy and a baby giraffe (I guess mommy had the day off).

But alas, when the winners were called he did not win a prize.  Were we disappointed?  Yes, we were dissapointed, especially since the prize was Lego Duplo and we wanted to add to our more to our medium size collection.  Not to worry, all is still happy in “our” Legoland- because this year in addition to a Spider-Man web shooter toy, we have asked Santa to bring us some more Lego Duplo. Thus despite our lack of achieving the “Lego Duplo Championship Title”, we will still be having a windfall of Legos come Christmas morning.

If your child doesn’t already have a set of Lego Duplo, I highly recommend getting some for you to test out.  My guess is they will love it and so will you!

Super Mommy Secret:  I love building things out of Legos.  I sometimes still continue to play with the Lego Duplo even after my son is on to another activity.  I like making everything symmetrical and perfect, whereas my son’s things are full of creativity and imagination.