Wikipedia Definition:
A Muffin-Top is a “pejorative slang term
used to describe the phenomenon of overhanging fat
when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirts
in a manner that resembles the top of a
muffin spilling over its paper casing.”

Part 1: Meal-Replacement Shakes

Yes, we all have kids. For 95.5% of us that means that we no longer have the same body we used to pre-pregnancy. Cheer up, even though we aren’t necessarily supermodel material doesn’t mean we have to look like fat slobs. SuperMommy is here to help. Sure you gained a ton of weight when you were pregnant, (I gained an embarrassing 50 lbs, 22kgs with my second child), but now it’s time to claim your body back.

The key to effective weight loss, especially around the belly area is cardio combined with the proper diet. Sorry mommies, but you have to do both otherwise that muffin top will never go away.

Let’s first talk about diet. As driven as I am about losing my muffin top, my full time job as a baby daycare & mommy taxi keeps me too busy to schedule in regular gym sessions. A strict diet is something that most people can control without having any effect on their daily routine.

I will tell you SuperMommy’s diet secret – Herbalife! Two shakes a day (with extra scoops of protein and some natural supplements) and then one normal meal for either lunch or dinner.

Basically, by drinking a meal-replacement shake twice a day (for about 2 months), you are drastically cutting down on your calorie intake, which essentially slims you down enough to really burn off that belly flab when you do your cardio exercise.


Is eating just one meal a day easy?
No, it’s not easy at first.  The first 2 weeks are really hard, because your body is adjusting to eating so few calories.  But it’s only for a few months, so it’s not that hard.

Do you miss eating food?
Not really.  The pros of doing a health shake are that you have a lot more free time.  You can actually run errands during lunchtime or go to the gym during dinner time instead of having to sit down for a long drawn out meal.  Besides, my kids never let me sit and enjoy my food anyways.

Can you still eat desserts?
I still indulge when I am out.  I’ve only had two freaking shakes all day!  If I want to eat a piece of chocolate cake with dinner I will!!!  I am not planning to enter a beauty pageant anytime soon.

Do you feel hungry?
Yes sometimes.  But I realize that my hunger has a lot to do with dehydration more than hunger.  I try to snack on raw veggies and fruits anytime I feel hungry.  If I really need a boost nuts and/or a handful of healthy baked crackers do the trick.  Also, Vitamin Water really helps (even though it is full of sugar).

How do you feel?
I feel great.  I don’t know about other meal-replacement shakes, but Herbalife is super healthy and I am full of energy all day.  Not to mention I feel really happy every time I step on the scale and see the weight dropping off.

Bottom line:
I spent 9 months pigging out, so a few months of drinking Herbalife won’t kill me.

Muffin Top Mommy vs. A Super Mommy

Meal-replacement shakes don’t work for everyone.  You have to be really motivated and determined to lose the weight if you do any type of dieting or food control.  At the end of the day you are only cheating yourself.  No one will be watching over you.  So unless you have the self-control, don’t waste your money on expensive shakes.

There are many other healthy shakes and diet plans out there besides Herbalife.  Just choose the one that works for you.