It’s that time of year when the sleigh bells are ringing and lights are twinkling. Now just because we live in Singapore and the weather never changes (unless you count the freezing air conditioning in the mall) doesn’t mean we can’t get into the Christmas spirit! Nothing says Christmas like a massive tree in your house filled with colored lights and ornaments, not to mention all the colorfully wrapped presents.

If you are looking for a real or an “almost” real tree in Singapore, do not fret – there are plenty of places to buy one. Most of the major shopping malls and department stores do have a Christmas section that offers a variety of fake trees, ornaments and décor. You will also find a “Christmas / Holiday” fair in the center atrium of most of the shopping malls in Singapore. The upscale malls on Orchard Blvd usually have a selection of more unique ornaments vs. the mainstream malls which carry your everyday Christmas decor.

Below is a list of some of the shops that sell a selection of Christmas trees & decorations in Singapore. Super Note: Just click on the store name to take you to their website to find their exact locations and details regarding the types of trees they have in stock. Please use your own excellent judgment in purchasing your tree.

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Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Singapore

Real Christmas Trees


Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree & Holiday Decoration Buying Tips

Start Early. Make sure to start your Christmas decorating early!! Supplies are limited in Singapore and once they run out there will be no more until next year.

Discuss & Plan. Plan with the family what type of tree you want to have – real or fake. Also discuss the colors of the decorations. Most of the stores selling artificial Christmas trees, will also sell a variety of Christmas decorations, so it is good to know ahead of time so you don’t have to make a second trip.

Super Note: If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, but don’t want to go all out,  just fyi – Daiso (my favorite $2 store) sells mini-Christmas trees and other decorations. The mini-trees are great for kid’s arts & craft projects or decorating your desk at the office.

Investment or One Time Purchase? Decide if your tree and decorations are something you want to use year after year, or do you intend to change the theme every year.

Super Note: We invested in an 8 foot artificial white Christmas tree (about SG$300) from Paragon 9 years ago and use the same one every year we are in town. 

Call Ahead. Now before you get in your car, bus, taxi, MRT to start your Christmas tree hunt, my advice is to call these places and ask them if they have what you are looking for! The last thing you want is to get there in be disappointed.

Ask for a Stock Check. If you need a day to think about your purchase before you buy, make sure to ask the store associate how many items they have in stock, otherwise you may return the next day and find that the “hot pink” Christmas tree you had your heart set on is now sold out.

 – Ask for Delivery. If you are buying a real tree, try to see if they deliver. If you do not want delivery, make sure to bring a big tarp or garbage bags. You will want to layer your trunk or your roof with something before placing the tree there.

 – Buy Online. If you can’t get it in Singapore, shop worldwide! Once again, Amazon does ship many items to Singapore either free or at minimal cost. Which if you actually do the math, in some cases still comes out cheaper than purchasing it here. Also, look into mail services like VPost to send your overseas packages to Singapore.

 – Buy Pre-Loved. You can also check out some buy/sell websites like ShopeeCarousell, Gumtree, Qoo10 and other classified ads for used Christmas trees and decorations. You might be able to get a really good deal and some really unique ornaments.

 – Return Your Live Tree. If you are purchasing real Xmas tree, find out if the store will take back (recycle) your tree after Christmas. Many nurseries, as well as IKEA will take back your real tree and refund a portion of your money.

 – Become a Seller. If you decide you no longer want your artificial Christmas tree or decorations from the previous year, you can sell them and still make back some of your initial investment. You can list your items at anytime, but you will probably only get a truly interested buyer between mid-October to December.

 – Plan for Next Year. Shop the day after Christmas to get deals and 1/2 price decorations for next year.  Yes you will need to store the after-Christmas purchases for the next 11 months in your home, but for 50+% off, it’s might be worth it!


Plan on going to many stores to buy the perfect tree and get it decorated. Don’t get discouraged, think of it as a Singapore shopping adventure. If you know of any other stores that sell trees or nice holiday decorations, please leave a comment below to share with the other SuperMommy readers – I am sure everyone will appreciate it. 🙂

Hope you & your family have a very Merry Christmas!!