Congratulations, your child has a wiggly tooth!! Soon it will be time for the ever so popular “Tooth Fairy” to make a visit to your house. Losing your first tooth is a big deal and a memorable occasion for kids. There are many cute & easy ways that you can commemorate this special event to make lasting memories.

Recently when Xavion (my 6 year old) lost his first tooth, I posted a picture on Instagram of what the “tooth fairy” left under his pillow. In addition to the whopping $10 bill he received, many people were very intrigued with all the creative items the tooth fairy left him. Hence why I decided to write this article and show my SuperMommy readers just how easy it is to be the most awesome tooth fairy for your child with very minimal effort and money.

Tooth Fairy Ideas

First here are a few simple & cost efficient ideas on what you should do when your child loses their first tooth:

(1) Letter to the Tooth Fairy. Have your child write a letter to the tooth fairy asking for her to pay him a visit. This is similar to a letter to Santa.

(2) Tooth Fairy Certificate or Receipt. Print out a certificate or tooth receipt (or both) and place it under your child’s pillow. You can write in your child’s name, or use a photo editing software (I use PicMonkey) to insert the text.

(3) Make it Sparkle. Glue glitter on the certificate to add a little magic sparkle.

(4) A Trail of Fairy Dust. Sprinkle a trail of confetti from the window to the bed (preferably light pastel colors or white sprinkles).

(5) A Bag of Fairy Dust. Leave a small bag of fairy dust somewhere in the room or under the pillow. The bag can be a small cloth bag of a clear cellophane bag tied with a bow. You can also put the Tooth Fairy Receipt in the bag of fairy dust.

(6) Tooth Fairy Thank You Letter. The next morning, have your child write a thank you letter to the tooth fairy, thanking her for the gifts she left and asking her to come again soon. This teaches good manners and it never hurts to be polite.

(7) Save as a Keepsake. Save the tooth, certificate and letters in a safe place and share with your child when they are a grown-up. Many places also sell special boxes and cushions for you to store your child’s first tooth. Make sure to clearly label the bag/envelope that you are storing the tooth in with your child’s name, date, the tooth location and the order in which it was lost (1st, 2nd, etc.)

Super Note: When your child’s tooth first starts wiggling, make sure you have all your glitter & confetti supplies at home. The last thing you want is to make a midnight run to the arts & crafts store. 🙂

If you still want to do a bit more and have some money to spend there are tons of cute things you can buy for this special day. Just look on Etsy or do a quick Internet search and you will be amazed at how creative ideas there are out there.

Losing First Tooth Tooth Fairy Ideas

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Free Printable Tooth Receipts & Certificates

You can either create your own fabulous Tooth Fairy certificate or just look on the Internet for one to print out. Here are a few cute tooth fairy certificates / receipts that I found by doing a quick Google Search. There are tons more that are suitable for both boys & girls, just do a search for yourself!

Please note that I did not make these amazing printables myself. The link to each of the images is listed below the picture

 (1)   Tooth Fairy ReceiptTooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable Download 1st Tooth

Website: Creative Certificates 

(2)   Tooth Fairy Certificate


Website:  Reward Charts 4

(3)   I’ve Had A Visit from The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy certificate 2

Website: School Stickers

(4)   Certificate of Lost Tooth

tooth fairy certificate 3

Website: Clipground

(5)   From the Office of the Tooth Fairy

tood fairy certificate receipt boys

Website: imts2010

(6)   Tooth Receipt

tooth fairy receipt certificate

Website: Tooth Fairy Letter

(7)   Receipt for the Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy certificate receipt lost tooth boys printable

Website: La Petite Academy

(8)   Official Report Tooth Fairy
Tooth fairy certificate receipt free printable

Website: Mom Dot

(9)   A Certificate from the Tooth Fairy
tooth fairy certificate receipt free printable boys girls

Website: Heritage House Dental

(10)   First Lost Tooth Certificate

tooth fairy certificate receipt lost tooth boys free printable

Website: Rowel Lucky Sevens Blog

(11)   Tooth Fairy Receipt
tooth fairy receipt certificate free printable lost first tooth idea

Website: A Typical English Home

(12)  Lost Tooth Certificate & Receipt from the Ministry of Fairies

Tooth Fairy Certificate Receipt

Tooth Fairy Certificate Receipt 2

Website: Baby Hints & Tips

(13)   Tooth Fairy ReportTooth Fairy Teeth Chart Receipt Certificate

Website: The Suburban Mom

(14)   Certificate from the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Good Job For Cleaning Teeth Certificate Lost Tooth Free Printable

Website: Roof Top Post


If you are still wondering if you actually should do this for your kids (or if it is just a silly idea), trust me when I say “YES, do it”! Both my boys took their certificates and fairy dust to school to show off to their friends and everyone sure was impressed! Even 2 years later, my older son Zayden (who obviously now knows his mom is the real Tooth Fairy), still has his bag of fairy dust intact.

Leave me a comment below if you have any of your own Tooth Fairy ideas to share with the SuperMommy readers.

Good Luck & Happy Brushing!