One person can make a difference.

Most of us take the simple things in life for granted, like turning on the lights with a simple switch when it gets dark. But what happens when there is no electricity? How can there be light? Many people around the world do not have access to consistent electricity and power outages are a normal occurrence.

This inspiring video shows how “one” man with a little creativity was able to create a “One Man Power Station” and bring lights in his otherwise dark community in Myanmar.

This one man, Kyaw Kyaw, used to sell candles to the vendors at the night market, but often the rain or wind would make the flames go out, thus leaving everyone in the dark with no way for people to buy or sell at the market. One day Kyaw Kyaw came up with the idea to sell “light” instead, and now every night, instead of candles, Kyaw Kyaw strings up light bulbs in the market and uses a generator to power up the bulbs. Now whether it is rain or shine, the vendors of the market have a consistent and reliable light source.

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If Kyaw Kyaw can do it, so can you and so can I. As we embark on the New Year, let us try to see how we can make a change in our own community. What can we do as individuals? What can we do as a family? It is important that we teach our kids by setting a good example, that even small acts can and will make a difference right here in our own community.

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Making a difference is not hard, you just need to take the first step to do so. Even something as simple as finding an environmentally friendly way to use recycled materials in day to day activities or finding ways to conserve water and electricity, can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Things people are doing in the world are inspiring not only individuals, but also big companies like Mitsubishi Electric which are also now focused on making a difference in many communities around the world. Here are a few more inspiring “Stories of Change” that will help you get your creative juices flowing to see how you too can make a difference in your own community! Click here to see how others have made a difference.

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If you have any other inspiring acts or stories of people in your local community who have made a difference, please share and let others know. Even the smallest act can make a difference.

Good Luck & Best Wishes for the New Year!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric. The opinions and text are all mine.