Thank you to SuperMom Kat for sharing this awesome review of her daughter’s new Hello Kitty Kitchen with the SuperMommy readers. SuperMom Kat

SuperMom Kat’s Review…..

The Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe by CartWheel Kids is a total hit at my house. My 17 month old daughter Layla received this from Santa over the holidays, and she continues to squeal with delight and play with it several times daily. Colorful, stylish, and super adorable, the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe is perfect for play-dates and a worthy conversation piece for Mommy & Me meet-ups.Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe Review


Let me fill you in on the details….

Recommended Age: This toy is recommended for ages 3 and up but supervise children while playing, and it becomes a blast for children ages 1 and older.

Ease of Assembly: It’s easy to assemble with minimal steps and a Phillips head screwdriver is the only tool necessary. It took less than twenty minutes to assemble and I am not exactly the handyman of the house.

Requires Batteries: The Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe requires 3 AA batteries which are not included. Finding where the batteries need to go is like a treasure hunt that may take an additional ten to fifteen minutes. Let me save anyone who purchases the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe some valuable time. It turns out that the batteries go inside the silver grill on the product’s stovetop.

The step by step instructions and picture diagram inside the product information booklet do not indicate where the batteries go until several pages later, as if including the battery placement information may have been an afterthought. I am assuming most assemblers would have missed the battery information like I did and may try to find the area where the batteries belong on their own. The batteries could have been placed in a more obvious place such as by the on and off noise switch in the back to save people the frustration of searching for it, but perhaps the batteries go in the hidden area for safety reasons.

Some Cool Features: Once the batteries are in the right place, the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe is a delight. With a rotating open and closed sign, menu, cell phone, oven, cupcakes and tray, spoon and saucepan, stovetop, and ice maker, the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe will have your child “pretend playing” in no time.

Sounds: The Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe oven burners simulate sizzling sounds and light up. The coffee maker hisses and the coffee pot looks as if coffee is disappearing when poured. Turn the kitchen sink’s water faucets and they will make splashing and dripping noises. The stovetop knobs make clicking noises and turn. The ice maker machine actually drops out play ice cubes into a fountain glass.

Size: Another nice feature is that the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe is life size for my little one without taking up too much room in the house. It’s made of lightweight plastic, but feels sturdy and steady on floor surfaces. The shape of the product’s base is also great because the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe can be moved conveniently to fit in most corners , against walls, or open areas of most rooms.

Educational Value: I am a sucker for learning toys, and found ways to incorporate learning with the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe for my daughter. I started out naming and pointing to the kitchen café’s objects and had my daughter follow my instructions at first so she could learn how to operate all the fun functions. Now she can operate her Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe on her own with supervision and points out the different colors and fun additions and features it comes with by name.Hello Kitty Shopping Cart

Super Tip:  CartWheel Kids also sells a matching “Hello Kitty Shopping Cart” for the Kitchen Cafe! Although not a must have, but still super cute and fun for my little one to push around the house.

SuperMom Kat’s Overall Opinion: I totally think CartWheel Kids got it right with these items. They are reasonably priced, undoubtedly cute, and entertaining! Both the Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe and Hello Kitty Shopping Cart will be worthwhile additions to your child’s toy collection without breaking the bank.

SuperMom Kat

P.S. – Both the Hello Kitty Kitchen and Shopping Cart are available on Amazon. 🙂