Lying down all day can be so boring!!  The Bumbo Baby Seat was designed for babies that are not yet able to sit by themselves.  Your baby can start “sitting” in the Bumbo seat as soon as they can hold their head up, so around 3 months of age.  The seat is designed to enable babies to use correct sitting posture, while allowing them to interact with their surroundings from a very young age.

Besides being just a comfy baby seat, the Bumbo has a variety of uses!  For starters, it is a super fun place for your baby to hang out and play.

The Bumbo is a great seat to start feeding your baby solid food.

It is also a great chair to take with you when you are visiting a friend’s house needs a place to hang out or needs to eat his dinner.  The Bumbo is also the perfect chair for getting your wiggly baby a haircut.  Your baby sits safely and securely in the chair while the stylist snips away.

It is also perfect for all of those Kodak moments.

The Bumbo comes in many different colors: pink, lilac, blue, aqua, yellow and lime green.  You might want to also consider getting the play tray.  Although it is not necessary, it helps keep your baby occupied and they love banging their hands on the table.  The Bumbo with the tray sells in Singapore for approximately S$75-$85 (you can find it at many stores such as Mother’s Work, Mothercare, Takashimaya & Robinsons).

Both my kids (and their baby friends) loved sitting in the Bumbo.  SuperMommy highly recommends this product.

Extra “Super” Tip:  The Bumbo also makes an excellent Baby Shower gift.  The Bumbo is an item that most new parents have not heard about, but are actually thrilled to receive.

Note On August 15, 2012 , Bumbo International Trust announced that it is conducting a voluntary recall to add a restraint belt and new warnings to the Bumbo Baby Seat.  Consumers can complete an online order form to obtain a free repair kit. The kit includes a belt with a new warning sticker, installation instructions, proper use instructions and a new warning sticker. There is no need for consumers to return the Bumbo Baby Seats.