Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Now that I have kids of my own, now Halloween is even more of a big deal. We just love dressing up, carving our jack-o-lantern and of course trick-or-treating. The only problem is that most places don’t cater for the “younger” kids – everything relating to Halloween is for adults and the older children. This year my friend and I decided to host a small Halloween party for our boys and their friends (32 kids attended the party, all ages 3 and under).

Even though this was just a simple function room party, we still wanted to have some entertainment for the little kids. We decided that a bouncy castle was what the party needed! I don’t know what it is about bouncy castles, but kids just love them! Bouncy castles provide hours of party entertainment, so we decided we would rent one for our Halloween party!

Finding The Right Bouncy Castle
There are so many party rental companies in Singapore that we didn’t know where to start or which company to choose for our bouncy castle. I remembered that Playful Elves (where I hosted Zayden’s 4th birthday) also rented out bouncy castles. Zayden’s party went really well, I thought the Playful Elves staff were very accommodating and professional. Thus, we decided to give the Playful Elves bouncy castle rental service a try.

Pre-Party Planning
Prior to the party, we arranged a date with Playful Elves to come and see my party space. We wanted to get their opinion on which castle we should rent and where would be the ideal set-up. They were eager to help out. Our original plan was to have the bouncy castle outside, but Playful Elves recommended against it. The informed me that the trees would be very close to the castle and they were afraid for the safety of the kids. This is something I didn’t even consider (and I really do plan out everything), thus we decided to put the castle inside the main party area and move the games outside.

A few days after our party-planning meeting, Playful Elves sent us a diagram with our exact specifications. There are a number of castles to choose from on their website. Depending on the size (S,M,L or themed), the castles ranged in price from SG$107 to SG$499. We decided that a medium sized castle (SG$250) would fit the best in the limited space that we had.

At 2:15 pm Playful Elves promptly arrived at the function room with the bouncy castle. The party was actually starting at 3:30 pm, however we asked them to come earlier so that we could do any re-arranging if necessary. The Playful Elves staff set up the castle in less than 10 minutes.

Once the castle was set-up, I decided it wasn’t big enough!! We realized that if we caddy-cornered the castle, we could actually fit a much bigger (and more fun) castle with a slide in the same space. This is something that we didn’t realize during the initial party pre-planning since we were only looked at measurements and not the actual castle.

Although the party was going to start in less than 1 hour, I asked the Playful Elves’ staff if they could please get me another castle – this one just wouldn’t work for me!! If you are wondering – YES, SuperMommy is a perfectionist! Now most companies would have probably just told me I was “crazy”, but the Playful Elves’ staff called up his supervisor and tried to fix the problem. He knew of my previous party at Playful Elves and that I was a loyal customer and wanted to make sure I was happy. The staff member drove back to the warehouse and got another bouncy castle with a slide. He must have had to break a lot of traffic laws because he was back at the party by 3:45 pm. Upon his return, he speedily set up the new castle and the kids jumped right in. Talk about AMAZING service!!

Cleanliness & Safety of the Bouncy Castle
I did observe the Playful Elves staff cleaning the castle both before the kids got in and after the party was over (prior to deflating). This specific bouncy castle (the “Adventure Zone Inflatable“) was in good condition (no tears, stains or patches) – it looked brand new.

As for safety, a soft foam mat was placed at the entrance of the bouncy castle and at the bottom of the slide. Playful Elves also provided us with a large sign discussing the safety rules of the bouncy castle, which would make it easy for parents to know the safety rules that the kids had to follow.

Party Fun
Yes, the kids loved the bouncy castle!!  They loved going bouncy around and going down the slide. Even though we had games, food, trick-or-treating, a pinata and a craft activity, the bouncy castle was still definitely the main attraction for the party!

SuperMommy’s Opinion of Playful Elves Bouncy Castle Rentals: The kids had an amazing time in the bouncy castle – I am really glad we decided to get one for the party! I would recommend using Playful Elves for renting a bouncy castle. They provided great service (upon and beyond) and acted in a professional manner. They arrived punctually at our arranged time and also set-up/deflated the castle in a timely manner. Additionally the bouncy castle was cleaned both before and after the kids used it – this is especially important since HFMD is so prevalent with the younger children. Just wanted to also give a special thank you to the nice Playful Elves staff member (Jason) who really went out of his way to get us a new bouncy castle for the party!

You can check out the Playful Elves bouncy castles on their website or call them at +(65) 9798-7724 for more info.

Good Luck & Happy Party Planning!

This product was received at no charge to review. No compensation was paid for this post. All opinions and comments are 100% my own.